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How to Get Your Christian Book Published

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If you’ve been given a message that you know you need to deliver, then one of the best ways to do is by publishing a book. There are a great number of books out there, across a range of subjects and genres. Christian books; those aimed at the faithful, are no exception. Unfortunately, there is often a huge difference between writing a book and getting it published. There are too many great books that go unpublished; messages that go unheard. Here’s a look at how to get your Christian book published.

Find an Agent

Many authors turn to agents in order to get their books published. An agent is a great way to go if you can find – and afford – one. The right agent will know all of the best Christian book publishers. It’s important to get a Christian book publisher because they will have access to the right market and be able to accept and sell you and your message. Some publishers might be unwilling to really share your message, and they might be turned off by the words “Christian book”. Find an agent who shares your faith, believes in you, and will be able to set you up with a publisher who will do the same.

Self-Publish It

These days the idea of self-publishing a book isn’t as far-fetched as it used to be. There was a time when no one but the desperate would self-publish a book. Now, thanks to digital content platforms such as Amazon Kindle, it couldn’t be easier to self-publish. There are some advantages to going the self-published route; such as having higher royalties and staying in control of your content. There are also disadvantages of course. It’s much harder to sell a self-published book and you have to do all your own marketing. If you’ve got the confidence in your story, and the self-confidence it takes to really sell your book, then going the self-published route can be a good alternative to Christian book publishers.

Approach Publishers Yourself

You don’t need an agent to arrange a meeting with a Christian book publisher. Check out this list of the best Christian book publishers and see if any of them jump out at you. Or you could just reach out to all of them and see what they think of your work. Once again; it’s going to take some work on your part to sell the book to the publisher, but you’ll achieve far more success and reach far more people if you can bring on a publisher. Who knows; maybe your words will really resonate with a publisher and they’ll insist on bringing you on board. You don’t know unless you try.

Writing a book is a very rewarding process, but why would you write a message and then not share it? Reach out to a good publisher, find an agent, or spread your message yourself and get it out there. The world is waiting!

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