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New Technologies in the Gaming and Tech Markets for 2017 and 2018

Sun, Jun. 18, 2017 Posted: 03:10 AM

Sometimes technology doesn’t always advance like we anticipate it will. In the 1950s and 1960s, many predicted that we would be living in space colonies, riding in flying cars and using hover-boards by now. None of that happened, of course, but many predictions that seemed outlandish at first, did come true.

We live in an extraordinary age, with new tech being introduced and new developments being made every single week. So, as we look to round-up the final half of 2016, a year that gave us fitness trackers, VR headsets and personal drones, let’s see what 2017 might bring.

The Foldable Smartphone: There is no shortage of demand in the smartphone market. Where there is demand there is money, and where there is money there is investment. That’s why this industry is moving so fast and it’s why we might see a foldable smartphone as soon as 2017. There are reports that Samsung has one such device ready. Smartphones have been getting bigger and bigger, and this tech would allow them to continue in much the same vain while still creating something you can carry in your pocket.

Electric Cars: Although electric cars have been on the market for a few years, 2017 could be the year they go global. With each passing year these cars are getting cheaper and more efficient, as are the means of maintaining them. In 2017 the sales of electric cars are expected to top 4 million, and a number of large manufacturers are now firmly on the bandwagon. After a few years, experts predict that the average car will not only be electric, but it will also be self-driving.

Internet of Things: The IoT is one of the most exciting technologies of the modern age, and one with endless potential. In 2017 and beyond, experts are predicting that it will be used to make us more secure, to change the way we shop, the way we workout and the way we live. If the internet connected the world, the IoT will connect everything and everyone in that world.

The Future of TV: Each year there is a new advancement in TV tech, and 2017 will be no different. There will be more OLED TVs, more Ultra-HD TVs, and this tech will also get cheaper. As a result, the price of Smart TVs and 3D TVs, which will very much be old news by this point, will plummet. Youtube also has its eye on this market and is set to change the way we watch TV in 2017.

A New Direction in Gaming: Pokemon Go! was massively popular and it changed the way gaming developers viewed their customers. Augmented Reality has always been an exciting possibility, but not until the release of this Nintendo classic has it really taken off. Expect to see a lot more games like this in 2017, and as Pokemon Go! numbers begin to drop, expect Nintendo to be the ones leading the way with new AR titles.

A New Direction in Online Gambling: The gambling industry has received a huge boost all over the world and that is set to get bigger, more dominant and more widespread. Casinos like Royal Vegas are leading the charge online, bringing aspects of AR and vR into an industry that previously relied on simply mechanics. This in-turn is having a huge impact on the global gambling and gaming industry, not to mention generating a wealth of extra cash.

Nano Medicine: 2018 could be the year for personal medications, finalizing researching that has been ongoing for years. This research has led tot he creation of medications that work on a nano level, allowing for precise interaction with the body and helping to create personalized formulas that can assist with all kinds of diseases, including neurological issues, diseases of the heart and lung, and even mental illness and drug addiction.

Dylan Moran