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Nursery Songs for Children, Toddlers and Babies & Kids Finger Family Songs

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Nowadays, children do not take the time to sing nursery rhymes anymore. Technology has taken over, we all probably know toddlers that can operate laptops very well. Things are obviously different than when we were kids but singing of nursery rhymes is a tradition that must continue. Singing of nursery rhymes to children is something that has been done for centuries, I believe if we think hard enough, we can remember the nursery rhymes we sang as kids if, I can remember a few nursery rhymes I sang as a child. This shows how potent nursery rhymes are to the upbringing of a child.

Johnny Johnny yes papa and five monkeys jumping on the bed are the rhymes I chose to use as a case study to show how educative nursery rhymes can be as opposed to the myth that nursery rhymes are just a pile of mumbo jumbo songs that kids sing with no valuable lessons.

Johny johny yes papa is a traditional nursery rhyme that educates your Toddlers, babies or children as well as educates them. The song teaches kids not to lie as well as teaching them how to identify colours. In the song, papa asks Johnny if he ate the sweets and he lies, he gets a big colourful nose as punishment kind of like pinnochio with a twist. This rhyme teaches the children a valuable lesson about how lying is bad, as children retain things they hear and see more.

Johnny johny yes papa is used by teachers commonly as it is a wonderful learning song, the kids have fun while learning, they improve their speech as well as their rhythm. You have to pull your shoes off and participate with the kids as well. Acting the scenes out with your kids will be very fun and interactive, which will make the learning process a better one.

As mentioned earlier introduces the kids to different colours. each time the kids lie, they get a different colour of nose which is identified. You can use this medium to introduce this colours to your children including the babies.

Five little monkeys jumping on the bed is another awesome learning rhyme. The rhyme is all about five monkeys jumping on the bed and then they all start falling one by one. When one monkey falls, they remain four. The four monkeys continue to jump on the bed, one falls, remaining three monkeys. This jumping on the bed situation continues until they have all fallen down. This rhyme introduces addition and subtraction, it helps the children to be able to count small numbers.

This rhyme also helps the children to identify that they need to listen to instructions from parents or teachers. This song basically helps you, it makes things easy for you as the adult. As children are very impressionable, this rhyme will aid the children to always listen to instructions as there are repercussions if they don't. Wonderful right? This rhyme also warns the kids about the repercussions of rough play, nursery rhymes really do more than they are given credit for.

Nursery rhymes make the children imaginative, you can go the long way of putting on a customer and participating fully with the children. They'll surely love that. So you see, nursery rhymes will probably still be in existence in the next twenty years.

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