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Stepwise Guide to the Start of Awesome Blogging

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Almost every facet of commercial world is presently portraying itself through blogs. It will be apt to add that there are blogs for everything under the sun and even beyond it. In fact, if you are one of those who have that knack of writing, information to share or voice out your opinions, the blogs are the perfect platform.

This leaves you to the more significant question of how to start a great blog? Here is a stepwise procedure of starting a blog:-

1. Your objective

Your primary objective may be publishing on the online media, availing good money, enhancing your writing skill, sharing relevant information, make an initiative. Indeed, you can be thinking either of these or all, but it is significant that you are clear with regards to the same.

2. The focus of your blog

You need to choose the niche or the theme of your blog with regards to the topic you are passionate about. It may be children, social issues, romance, family, marketing, finance, fashion, photography or even your hobby.

3. Blogging platforms

While most of you might be interested in free blogging platforms, it is imperative to take look at the bigger picture. With the free blogging platforms, you will not be able to use plug-in and themes or even the customized emails. While, with the self hosted blog all you need to pursue is get a domain name and a hosting account. The last two do not put a hole in your pocket.

4. Web host

There is a number of web hosting platforms. However, the best ones offer the following attributes- 24/7 customer satisfaction, server uptime of 99.9%, free domain name, feasible, unlimited disk space, cost effective, 90-day money back guarantee. The latter is the most imperative, especially if you are still deciding on the track.

5. Fabrication of blog

In accordance with your priorities you choose the web host. When you reach the website of the web host, you will be welcomed to a webpage with a hosting plan to get started. You need to choose the plan. This takes you to the next page, where you are required to enter your domain name. Then, you need to click on ‘Search domain’. If the domain you have already taken, you will be recommended to other names, which you can choose with ease. Then you click continue. This is followed by the next page wherein you are required to fill your personal details. And, after filling the form, you scroll down to “Install Wordpress”. This is followed by choosing the web host plan, which should be simple. Then you agree the terms and conditions. Finally, you click the Purchase tab. Within a few minutes the web host will email you a username and password. That is it; you have fabricated a hosting account with the hub.

6. Start blogging

Open a new browser tab. At here replace the Yournewblog with your domain name. Then, login with the username and password. You will reach a dashboard of the blog, which is the back side of your website. From here you are required to input details you want your readers to see. Go ahead; browse the menu, post the blog and click publish. You have entered the magnetic world of blogging. Congratulations!

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