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Success, Value and Your Circle of Influence

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What is Success
Success is a term that determines your accomplishment to your aim or purpose. You set your goals you would want to achieve, work on them and finally get the results. A pass result is achieving success whereas a fail result is a failure. However, success is not just a determination of achieving end results, but it is about your hard work to achieve the end results. How you work on them defines your success. There are a number of factors that combine to shape your victory. The primary factors impacting success is your value and your circle of influence determining your success. In fact, one’s success lies in these factors. Let us first understand both the terms individually to make a conclusion on how these elements stay imperative to achieve success.

What is value
Value is the importance of something. It may be anything. You take a currency and determine its value worth how much you can get. A 1 dollar note has a value up to the amount you can buy from it. The 10-dollar note has a higher value as increased amount of stuff can be acquired. It’s not just the money that has a value, but it is your value that determines the worth of money. More the value you justify, more is what you deserve.
If you are a hard-working person, striving fairly towards your goals, have a positive attitude towards everything, then you presumably might be the most valuable person. An individual who owns a business builds the value of his firm through his unique value. Thus, it is imperative to find out your own worth to create a force in your business, in your earnings or at any step of your life.

Understanding your value is imperative for the primary reason that it would help you accomplish the same. Understanding your own importance helps building either more of it or make it to the worse.

Circle of influence
Your circle of influence is everything that is close to you. Be it the people you are surrounded with or be it the work you do; you have an influence throughout. In the circle of influence, everything you do has an impact on people around you. In fact, what others do has an influence on you. The same rule implements while you are working for your success be it your entrepreneurial success or anything else. More you stay with confidence, word hard and surround with respectful people, the better environment you are in. Being with individuals who push forward makes us get along with their positive traits. On the same verge, sojourning with underachievers makes you pick up the negative traits.

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Value and circle of influence to success
It is not just the influence along that will determine what you get, but people interacting with you would first look at what value you possess. People entertain you only if you are a value to them. Creating a social value among the people, you are surrounded with defines your success. In order to get encompassed with people of positive traits, you should be valuable to them. Thus, both the terms consequently work together.

Success is a victory you achieve while you have fulfilled your aim through hard work. Creation of value and circle of influence are the terms you have to cope up while you are working for success.

Final Verdict
Develop your skills. Establish yourself in anything you are good at. This gives you value. If you have found your inner value and furnished it to the fullest, you will achieve success added you become the most valuable asset.

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