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Why Trump Could Annoy his Christian Supporters

Fri, Apr. 21, 2017 Posted: 03:36 PM

Donald Trump proved to be a hit with the Christian right, which wasn’t much of a surprise considering his allegiances to the Republican party and his conservative policies. But the reason he caused a split in the party was because he was seen to be too liberal.

We haven’t really seen any evidence of that just let but in a few months or a year we could see those fears come to fruition with Trump legalizing gambling.

Online Gambling in the US

Online gambling is actually already flourishing in both the United States and Canada. It’s illegal for the most part, but it’s not quite that black and white. There are a lot of grey areas. These include the use of oversea’s sites, Central American gambling licenses and the use of electronic checks, which has allowed this industry to avoid the banking system.

However, this has presented a problem for the US authorities. The money is there, as is the demand, but because of those grey areas it is all being funneled out of the country. Money that would be in the government coffers if gambling was legal is being taken away from them and is ending up entirely in the hands of corporations.

That’s the first reason that Trump will likely consider legalizing online gambling. The second is simply a matter of finances, because here is a man who fully understands how much money this industry can generate, and who that has owned a few casinos and resorts in his time.

If this was all about what Trump believed as an individual, then online gambling, and all other forms of gambling, would have been legalized on day one. That would have been a concern for the conservative population, but of course Trump doesn’t stick with policies that he personally believes in. He sticks with policies that he knows his party will back, policies that he knows his supporters will appreciate.

The Likely Scenario

If Trump’s first few months are anything to go by then he will likely stick to what he supporters want on the surface, while pulling the rug out from underneath them. He spent the majority of his campaign drive discussing “America first” policies, before spending those first few months starting wars on several fronts. He has also backed down on Obamacare, despite saying that he would get rid of it on day one.

So, once the wars are dealt with, once the main policies have been pushed out of the war and the hangover of the election has passed fully, we can probably expect a major change in the gambling laws.

He will likely try to soften the blow, and it is highly unlikely that he will make all forms of gambling legal in the beginning. But those initial changes will no doubt pave the way for such a reform. This will work wonders for the US economy no matter how you look at it, but it will also annoy readers of this blog, and most other conservative christians.

Dylan Moran