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inPhocus Media Launches the M28 Initiative

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 Everyone needs a web presence whether you would like to start your own business, already have a current business or would just like to have your own personal website. We have noticed that church and ministry websites are often left out of the equation when it comes to having dynamic content and engaging website visitors. Many times a church or ministry would like to get a website developed it is too costly. InPhocus Media has developed a solution for this dilemna.

inPhocus Media is a web design and online media company in Houston, TX. During the summer of 2011, inPhocus Media was asked to create a website for a church and the response was amazing. 700,000+ use the website in only a span of 7 months. With these type of results inPhocus Media wanted to bring the same results to Christian churches and ministries worldwide through the designing of websites.

inPhocus Media would like to officially announce that we are launching the M28 Initiative for gospel-centered churches and ministries. With the M28 Initiative, churches will have the benefit of choosing pre-built website templates and managing the website with our custom content management system. This means you do not need to know any code or HTML to manage the website.

All of this is being made available at a cost-effective price; normally the total cost for all of the technology put towards the stunning designs of the websites would be $6,000+ but we are greatly discounting this to benefit communities worldwide.

Now that the M28 Initiative has launched you can also find them on other social media outlets as well, follow them on twitter or facebook.

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Take a look around our site and if you have any questions feel free to ask us at

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