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The Outsider Test for Politics Comes Alive! (just like Peter Frampton)

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Yesterday I presented my Outsider Test for Politics and I am not surprised to have met resistance. To start things off, John Loftus treated it like a big joke! He says "You are just way too funny, I like it." Yeah, they laughed at Columbus too buddy.

Next, Loftus says "The anarchist is making a political affirmative claim. He's claiming the best political system is one where each individual is to be on his own given that he thinks we are basically good and that society corrupts us."

I could respond, "Yeah and the atheist makes a metaphysically affirmative claim. He's claiming that the most likely true metaphysical view is one in which there is no divine agent."

But instead I'll respond by pointing out the rank confusion in Loftus's views. "An-arche" is simply "without rule". I withhold belief in any rule. I am surprised he missed this. After all, atheists are really just "without belief in God".

Next Loftus says "Many political views are supported by the sciences as new information is acquired from the human sciences. That's why most of the people in the world who are not already indoctrinated to accept a theocracy like many Muslims or Christians in the past, or a cult hero worship dictator as we find in North Korea, will easily embrace democracy hands down."

Oops, I missed the edition of "Nature" that published the findings from the first scientific test of democracy.

That one actually gave me a hearty belly laugh, which was much appreciated since my cornflakes were soggy this morning. Look around Loftus. You're an American! Representative democracy is all around you. If you were born into Afghanistan or North Korea or Saudi Arabia do you think you'd have been an advocate of representative democracy? Of course not. Political theories are largely distributed over geographic areas. So you need to test your democratic views with the outsider test as surely as does the Afghani or North Korean or Saudi Arabian.

Now I'm sympathetic. I understand the fear you all have of subjecting your political beliefs to the outsider test. But you westerners at least have no real excuse. The most you might get when you inevitably become an anarchist is the withering looks of your neighbors. Think, by contrast, about the poor North Korean. When he inevitably becomes an anarchist he'll be sent to a gulag near Vladivostok where he'll have to work in the coal mines for twenty hours a day to heat one of Kim Jung Il's dozen palaces. So you've got nothin' to complain about.

So here's my advice: read a dozen Noam Chomsky books as well as some Tariq Ali and Howard Zinn. Then if you're not yet an anarchist read them again until you are. Trust me, the conversion will come eventually. Your indoctrination can only last for so long...

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