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Chris Linwood

Posted 7/16/15 at 11:02 AM | Chris Linwood

The Biblical History of Silver Bullion

Apart from being totally immersed in the study of theology, I also find great importance in protecting my wealth against inflation and the declining dollar. I try to balance this tendency with Bibilcal standards. With a great love of the Bible, I would like to present to you a history of silver bullion within its sacred text...

The history of silver bullion includes its use as currency and for industrial purposes. Silver was believed to be magical in folklore and fiction. The unique properties of silver and its value to people also make it a part of the Bible. The biblical history of silver bullion adds to the intrigue of this precious metal that remains a sign of wealth in modern times.

The Bible Set the Gold Standard

Often the gold standard and the silver standard are terms referred while reviewing the history of currency. The use of money for trade goes back to Genesis, the first chapter in the Bible. The biblical history of silver bullion preceded the actual history of modern currency as we know it. Gold was referred to as good in the land of Havilah (Genesis 2:10-12) and became the foundation of a solid economic system. Silver was later used for trade and transactions while gold became a way to preserve wealth. FULL POST