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The Biblical History of Silver Bullion

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Apart from being totally immersed in the study of theology, I also find great importance in protecting my wealth against inflation and the declining dollar. I try to balance this tendency with Bibilcal standards. With a great love of the Bible, I would like to present to you a history of silver bullion within its sacred text...

The history of silver bullion includes its use as currency and for industrial purposes. Silver was believed to be magical in folklore and fiction. The unique properties of silver and its value to people also make it a part of the Bible. The biblical history of silver bullion adds to the intrigue of this precious metal that remains a sign of wealth in modern times.

The Bible Set the Gold Standard

Often the gold standard and the silver standard are terms referred while reviewing the history of currency. The use of money for trade goes back to Genesis, the first chapter in the Bible. The biblical history of silver bullion preceded the actual history of modern currency as we know it. Gold was referred to as good in the land of Havilah (Genesis 2:10-12) and became the foundation of a solid economic system. Silver was later used for trade and transactions while gold became a way to preserve wealth.

Silver Vessels in the Bible

The biblical history of silver bullion refers back to the days when silver was used for vessels that held wine and water. Today scientists recognize silver has antibacterial properties that helped to keep these liquids fresher. Long ago people discovered the use of silver for food and beverage storage. Ezra refers to silver vessels in the house of God that were taken from Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar and brought to Babylon (Ezra 5:14). They were supposed to be placed in the house of God in the temple in Jerusalem. This reveals their historical use and value.

Refined Silver in the Bible

Silver is a raw element that is refined for use in many different industries. The biblical history of silver bullion refers to the refining of this precious metal. In one of the Psalms, the words of the Lord are stated to be pure like silver that is refined in a furnace in the ground seven times over. The refining of silver was compared to the purity of God's words in the Bible. In Malachi, it was stated that He would sit as a purifier and refiner of silver (Malachi 3:3). He will purify the sons of Levi to refine them like silver and gold.

Thirty Pieces of Silver and the Crucifixion

After stealing from Jesus for over three years, Judas betrayed him to the Romans for thirty pieces of silver. This moment had been prophesied in Zechariah (Zechariah 11:12-13). Judas was handed thirty pieces of silver for delivering Jesus to the Romans, who crucified him. This is one of the less shiny moments in the biblical history of silver bullion.

I find comfort in the fact that I can turn to the Bible for all things, even my investment decisions. The fact that precious metals have held value since the times of the Bible gives me confidence I am making a wise decision when I trade my paper currency for holdable, hard assets.

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