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Absolutely No Lying

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I taught my boys from the very beginning that they were not allowed to lie. This has been a tricky thing to teach because even if you know they are lying you don't want to call them a liar you really want them to admit it themselves that they are not being honest. As parents we have to remember that we don't want to browbeat our children into admitting that they lied. The goal here is that they have a conscience that will be easily susceptible to the prompting the Holy Ghost.

I have a great story about a time when my youngest lied and it was so small and maybe to any other parent it wouldn't have been a big deal but the Holy Ghost would not let him get away with it.

My boys would always come in on my bed and sit and we would share our days with each other. In the way early years we had "tea time" almost every night (and we still have tea time about once a month) but at this time I would normally call them in to talk. This particular time I used a word that I don't normally use, it wasn't on purpose but the Holy Ghost knew that this lying needed to be taken care of. I said, "come on guys when you're done come sit not he bed and let's chat." I NEVER said that before "let's chat" even when I said it I remember thinking how odd it was for me to say that. Anyway, neither of them answered me and my youngest (Tony) was in the bathroom brushing his teeth and Jacob was in the kitchen but the bathroom was right next to my bedroom. Jacob asked what I said and Tony answered him that he didn't know. I knew that Tony heard me and I asked him to give him a chance to admit that he heard me and was just choosing to be disobedient but he again said he didn't hear me. I didn't want to force him but deep inside I knew he I then said, "come on guys when you're done come sit on my bed so we can talk." Jacob said, "What?" and Tony answered, "Mom wants us to come and "chat" with her". At this point there was no turning back...I had been up over 24 hours because of church, work and school at the time I was very busy, but now I couldn't let this go it was too obvious that he lied. I asked him why he lied and said he didn't hear me and he insisted he did not lie - after a very long discussion - he finally admitted it. We are talking about 2-3 hours it took to break that off him - he finally broke when I told him that the devil would like to get a foothold in their lives by any means possible and this foothold would be just the beginning of a life of getting away with lies and deceit and that is not the kind of life they want.

During this whole time - both of my children were present for the whole conversation. It mattered to the Holy Ghost so much that He absolutely did not want them to get away with even the smallest perception of a lie. I cannot say this was the last time that a situation happened that I had to discipline when I didn't feel like it but I can say I honestly believe it was the last time either of them lied. I am so thankful to the Holy Ghost for giving me wisdom in training my children and my hope is that I can help others and be a blessing to the body of Christ.

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