The Diary of A Single Mom
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As I Find Myself

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There was a time when I lost myself in who everyone thought I was.

Before Christ it was a party girl who was always ready for a night out...but really I just wanted to stay home but I just couldn't tell people that because I was the party girl! Pretending to love that lifestyle was very difficult.

After Christ it was a whole other kind of chameleon lifestyle. Listen to the people in my life and do whatever they say because it must be right!! I mean they are Christians, how can they be wrong??

One thing remains the same through all the "finding myself" going on and that has always been my love for the word of God and the way it ministers to me! It's so freeing to read about the love of God!

I recently found myself at a crossroads where I started to lose all of who I found that I am. I needed to remember and not lose myself in the emptiness of my home! God inspired me to design a wall that tells my story. At first glance it looks like jewelry but get closer and it tells who I am and what I love, even who I love. I don’t want to be among the people who loose themselves in the other person or even in my kids. I gave MY ALL to my kids, but I’m talking about things that define our personalities.

When you first look you see jewelry and shoes but look a little closer there are many kinds of styles of jewelry. Binoculars because I love adventure! Sun hat because I love the sun, I really do!! Look even more intricately and some pieces of jewelry have a special story behind them. Shoes, mostly 6" heels, yep I'm short! Audrey Hepburn…CLASSY…need I say more? But even in the jewelry, the necklaces and bracelets that show all the styles of design that I love and that express me!

Every time I look at this wall I remember who I am and how God made me different than everybody else...and how I need to love what I love...period and be who I am and not care if someone else thinks I should like a thin cheese pizza because I need to lose some weight! I like sausage pizza!

Well...I attached the pics you can see my style! I think a cool thing to try would be when I get married the wall would show individualism and the combination of both husband and wife! Keep the common ground in focus in the bedroom - might help not go to bed mad. Every morning I wake up and see that I am who I am and I like that person!

The objective of this wall is to remember that although I am a mom I am an individual and although I'll be a wife someday I can keep my individualism. I lost it for years and didn't even know what pizza I liked! SAUSAGE! I like sausage pizza!

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