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Center of Attention

Thu, Aug. 18, 2016 Posted: 03:47 PM

Does your son or daughter always has to talk when you talk with someone or get your attention the moment you get on the phone? I have not met a parent yet that has not had to train their child to stop doing this. Something about being the center of attention to a child seems almost innate. I'm not sure the childish logic of this continuous action but I am sure how to train for it.

Everyone's child has some special talent that mommy is so proud of and she just wants everyone to see what her kid can do, "Come here Tommy and show so and so how you sing that song or dance or sing and dance" whatever the case may be. Well, now little Tommy is the center of attention and WOW does he like it and he really is pretty cute and maybe even sings and dances just perfect but...!

But have we as the loving parents who just want our kids talent to be seen just created a monster? The answer is that it doesn't have to be that way. You can train your child that even though you might have brought attention to them for a moment in giving them the "stage" to show what they can do it was and always should be to give the glory to God because He gives the talent. AND...that doesn't mean they will always be the center of attention.

In my house I set up training. This was the day I would train for not interrupting me while on the phone. I called a very good friend and asked if they had time to be on the phone with me while I trained my son? Yes, was the answer and here we go. I explained to my son that he cannot interrupt me while on the phone or in conversation with someone and the next time he did he would get, on the phone I go and here he comes to interrupt. At the interruption I simply say, "Can I call you right back?" and then I spank for interrupting me while on the phone. It didn't take long for him to figure out the leeway he had in this arena was now being taken away and his behavior was no longer acceptable.

We did have to come up with some rules beyond that. Like if it is important - meaning someone was in danger - then he can interrupt and I would know it was important and he would have my attention but if I found out it wasn't then he would get spanked. Of course, as you go through life in training you find there are grey areas that must be addressed but if it's always just a matter of being the center of attention you don't want to see what he/she will be like as an adult do you? I mean we all know those people who MUST be the center of you ever wonder what they were like as kids?

Marianne Kurtz