The Diary of A Single Mom
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Dating...18 years later

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Where's My Ring?
Where's My Ring?

Dating…18 years later

For 18 years I lived my life focused on God and kids…nothing wrong with that!

However, my sons have grown and I’m alone…a lot different than what I thought it was going to feel like and be like, because WOW how I wanted my alone time before…and I still like alone time…BY CHOICE!

I have a great idea! It's time I start to see what kind of husband material is out there!
Here I go…to the “dating scene”…kind of!

So, much has changed…
I’m Not really sure how all this is supposed to work with the online scene, but in meeting someone online, the key is to MEET in real life so…Why in the world would you contact me from 534 miles away?! SERIOUSLY!!! WHY???
It’s not like I’m gonna hop on a plane for a booty call even if I was “that kind” of girl!

Scenario plays out: Chat online for a bit, asks for my number…ok (I don’t know you’re 534 miles away). I give you my number…we text…find out all kinds of things about each other…and then find out he’s 534 miles away…this can’t work!! Text a bit more… “Oh that sucks!” is the gist of the conversation. And then…CROTCH SHOT…WHAT??

Did something lead up to this? WOW! BLOCK! No more texting! Done! Next Please

SERIOUSLY! Is online dating the ONLY way?

The answer is NO…however; everyone else seems to think it is…because no one else is out there meeting people! EXCEPT those lovely “networking” parties!

Do married people even go to those? If they do, they weren’t sitting at my table!

So, the question is posed…How does a single mom who decides to take on scouting out a possible mate in this modern day take that on… Very carefully

I’m Marianne. Single Mom. And…this is just some of my rantings along the way and will include parenting skills I’ve learned, and (new to the mix) will be my new found EMOTIONS! Yay!!! EMOTIONS!

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