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Dating and SVU

Tue, Mar. 15, 2016 Posted: 11:54 AM

Dating and SVU

Some of you may not know what SVU is but it is literally my favorite tv show. Law and Order Special Victims Unit, yep and now the theme is stuck in your head if you’re a fan.

Here’s the thing…when you have watched as much of that as I have EVERY situation feels like a potential SVU moment. I actually have them often and it’s kind of fun to think how a piece of paper may have fallen of your car and then a crime happened after and that paper lead to my finger print and the SVU department comes knocking on my door! WHAT?? Just saying…that would be just a little fun…in retrospect, of course.

What isn’t fun is when you enter into a dating situation that is very much like an SVU moment. Here was mine…I went to meet with some people at a house and I was going to be pretty late but when I showed up there was only 2 guys and me! What?? Ummmmmmmm. So I sit down and immediately text my friend the address to where I am at and just send a text hey, I’m out with some people…here is my address. OK…smart, right? Yep.

If you have watched as much as I have then you’ll know that if conversation brings up words of “rape” or “sex” those are usually good indications that things are going not so great. So…what now? Well, I wait for other people…texts are coming in on his phone…but, is it more guys coming or actually other people…then another finally shows up…but, it’s a guy…CRAP oh wait…here comes the wife. OK…there is another female. SVU moment avoided again. Whew! Scary for just a moment!

Seriously though…safety tips for dating needs to be seriously…even if it’s not a date and meeting for networking or whatever the case may be, we always should let someone know where we are and update if spot changes.

Marianne Kurtz