The Diary of A Single Mom
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Did My Dog Replace My Son??

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I thought my life would have gone so different.

I had this really great picture in my mind, I got the whole plan.

When my boys were young I made the decision to live single because I didn’t want a bunch of men in and out of my boys’ lives while I try and find the right one. I thought I would raise them and then right around the end of them being with me God would bring my man, delivered to my doorstep, and the boys would be happy and all is sound on the Kurtz home front.

Well, that is not at all how it has worked out.

My son joined the Navy, definitely not what I thought would happened when they were little and I made this great plan! My other son is still with me and I am very thankful for that and I am obviously still single. I am…mmmmm...mostly…content being single. I go through times, and there have been very long periods of time, when I enjoy being single and want to get my own place that has things that my boys can’t break or ruin by sleeping on my new yellow couch with a blue pen!!! And then there are times, they are usually shorter, that I long to be with the right man. But, this loneliness that is from so deep down within has NEVER lingered that long.

So, I got a dog!

His name is Inu (which means dog in Japanese). Some people call him Tony (after my son that joined the Navy) and have joked that my dog replaced my son! Well, at first it seemed kind of ridiculous but then I have noticed that when he is around me, which is always, his fun personality makes the loneliness disappear.

No, I don’t really think my dog replaced my son but what I do believe is that by gracious God gave me this dog because He knew that this would be the hardest time of my life and I would need some happiness until I found my joy again! And I did! It just took a minute or 525,600 minutes.

This is not the plan that I had but I’m positive God knows best…I just wish He would clue me in on some details…when, where, why, how? That would work. Until then, I am content being single. But, let me tell you, there is no formula. Like you stop trying for a baby and get pregnant; your content being single and you your husband finds you…not so much.

My husband will find me and until then…I have God, my dog, and my boys…and some pretty cool friends!

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