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Don’t Punish them to Purgatory (the place between redemption & punishment)

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Many years ago I made up my mind not to send my kids to their room as punishment...this also benefited me in the long run, because when mom needed time alone or they wanted to play their room was never a place of punishment.

I NEVER want them to feel like I didn’t want them around - they needed to know I love them no matter what they do - spanking (not in anger) does not mean lack of love.

Colossians 3:21 "Parents, don't come down too hard on your children or you'll crush their spirits" (The message).

I really could not figure out what it taught them except what can I do when mom is not looking and idle time does not really do a thing for them - come on really they are not thinking about what they did wrong unless it's an easy fix to get out of there...and it just opens the door wide open for the devil to fill their head with lies. If anyone is going to be talking to them - it's gonna be the word of god. it's the only cure, the only solution. Idle time is not conducive -

Ephesians 5:15-17 "not walking as fools, but wise... redeeming our time...understanding what the will of the lord is"

They need us, its up to us as their teacher to show them how to get over any situation quickly - not linger it. Quick, swift discipline followed by time to help them understand what it means in the long run for their life.

Time for A little story…

I never knew anything about kids, I didn’t really babysit, my firstborn was the first baby I ever held (except for my cousin for about 2 minutes when I was 8 months pregnant & I WAS SCARED).

Anyway, there were certain things I thought came naturally like using a fork. When I realized that it didn’t I had no idea how to teach, but I just tried and tried to teach him so it would make sense to him. Finally, we conquered it.

But, much like holding a fork there are things I don’t remember being taught like sharing, going to bed without crying, not lying, not throwing a fit...I honestly do not remember these things. So, when I first started training for them I thought once would do the trick THAT IS NOT TRUE! At least mostly not true. I always explained with the Word in a way that made it real to our lives why lying was wrong, why sharing was right (NOT HOW TO BE A DOORMAT - but sweet), why was not throwing a tantrum better...spank and train and speak the word always.


It takes time to let the hearing take affect and it’s not too late.
Faith for anything comes by hearing - you listen to the news you get faith for that report. listen to someone telling you you're stupid you get faith for that report. listen to the word on healing, finances, deliverance from circumstances you get faith for that.

The word of god is truth (Romans 10:17 Faith come by hearing...).

Tell them you love them, don't isolate them.

Tell them they are good - they are!
Tell them often - everyday! No room for the devil to mess with their minds - let them know they are loved unconditionally because they won't see that everywhere but, they need to see it in us!

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