The Diary of A Single Mom
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How to Live Single

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As little girls most of us probably watched those cute little movies where the prince comes as a knight in shining armor and whisks the soon-to-be princess away from a situation that was not so great.

Maybe it was Snow White - where the evil witch put a spell on her because of her beauty. Then the prince came and with kiss she awakens and her life is changed. All the wrongs were made perfect. Sounds great! Who wouldn't want to be her?


The Cinderella tale in which she was being mistreated by her stepmother and sisters - one glass slipper later and off to the castle. Sounds just dreamy!

These stories are so very sweet and mighty romantic but, they are animated movies and we know they won't happen. But, we dream of our current life changing and dancing with the prince, wearing the crown and everyone wanting to be us.

Then we grow up...

The animated movie that once had the possibility of being reality does not stand a chance. In fact, by now some of us have been betrayed by friends, and/or hurt by acquaintances and coworkers. Quite frankly, the dream just stays in a snow globe on the top shelf of some curio cabinet in the back room of our house NOT CASTLE.

No one has lived up to our high expectations and seemingly never will. If, like me, you ended up in some boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife relationship (or both) than WOW the let down and disappointment is huge. Who can ever live up to our dreams now?

There will seemingly never be someone to rescue us from the dragons' lair or lay a coat over a puddle so we can pass without getting wet...So where is our knight in shining armor?

Maybe now as a more mature girl, you look to the more "realistic" romantic comedies...
All they seem to do is take the dream and put it into harsh 'reality'. Basically saying, ok you are not going to get the prince, he's just a guy and by the way – it’s going to be some crazy chain of events and tons of heartache before you get him as your own.

Same basic concept of Disney but, somehow more realistic because after all life has taught you that if it's meant to be it’s gonna be difficult.

I, personally do not like either of those scenarios. My options cannot possibly only be disappointment or the hard way. There must be more!

This is actually from a book I wrote called,"God, My Kight in Shining Armor"; This was written several years ago and some of my thoughts have changed but this was a definite single mom season. The one thing that remains the same is that in everything God always will be my Knight In Shining Armor because without him I have no purpose. so THANK GOD He loves me.

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