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I Can't Fight This Feeling

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When is it enough time to get over a child going into the military? This is an open-ended question everytime you tell someone that your son joined the Navy. Maybe I shouldn't say "you" I should just call it like it is...everytime "I" tell someone that my son joined the Navy. I'm not supposed to cry, I'm not supposed to feel pain because it's been ONE WHOLE YEAR since he has been gone.

Well, I'm sorry to say but it still hurts and I still cry!!! and if you don't like it, don't ask how I'm doing or how he is doing because chances are I'm going to cry...oh wait, you don't ask!

Friendships come back and then a picture is posted on FB of him on a ship and I am not ok seeing this! Maybe you think I should be but, I'm not! When I look I see a big world and my small son...does that make me crazy? Does that make me emotional? Do I think joining the Navy and verge of menopause should go hand in hand? HELL NO!! to all three! Well, except emotional, I do get emotional, and you know what? That's all right!

My son joined the Navy, for God's sake, cut me some slack! AND NOW he is on a boat in the middle of whereever!!! and someone posts a picture on FB that is automatically supposed to make me feel good. You know what took so long to get over it...? the fact that I wasn't feeling that and I thought there must be something wrong with me if I am not feeling "the norm" know, happy to see my son on a ship in the middle of whereever!! Happy? NOPE not what I am feeling! I'm feeling sad, lost, alone, and did I mention sad??!!

Anyway, that was yesterday! Today I feel better but felt that this needed to be shared especially with any Navy moms who might stumble upon this today or any day in the future! I am praying for the sons and daughters that are on the carrier that is leaving from VA.

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