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It's Never Too Late To Teach

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It's never too late to teach it's never too late to train.

I have always taught my kids that just because we didn't have enough to get what they wanted or do what they want as a kid does not mean hey have to stop striving towards that.

My older son always wanted karate but with my work schedule and the financial status of our life, I could never do it for him. But what makes only what I can do for him his only option? Totally doesn't! He still has his whole life!

So, listen do your best, don't feel "the Jone's" pressure.Teach your kids that it's never too late. It's never too late to learn karate, to learn to skate, to take voice lessons, piano lessons, to have a dog (I got my first dog at age 43!), and it's never too late in life to learn anything new! We should always strive to do more, learn more, be more.

When I am teaching them it's never too late I also include how the mistakes they make today and the decision they think they are old enough to make...well, they aren't! I mean, scientifically people! Our kids decision making faculties of their brains aren't even fully mature until AT LEAST 25!! And that's for the quick developing. So, get married, have babies, leave the scene of an accident (oh! That's just the decision that two members of my family made that are now living with me-not because of that-remember household change thing that happened), anyway! Any big decisions should always be run through an adult...just to have a sound mind to talk things through with. A mature mind!

Oh or how about getting on a phone plan with a friend when you don't have a job...seriously ONLY two 18 year olds can make that decision! Because had he asked me...a new phone is not THAT important! Lord help me!!! Lol

They truly need to know that the gifts and callings are without repentance...God doesn't give a desire to take it away! That desire is there! I have an blog I wrote about how my life changed so drastically because of making a choice that should have been made different! ( But, also about the desires we have they will not go against what we want!

For instance, I know someone who wants to remain single for his whole life and that is fine! Well, one night he had a dream that he was married and had kids and told me about it, confided in me (so, no I'm not going to say who) and I don't believe that was God imposing His will on him, I believe that if it is God it will happen and will be a desire, but in it's own time! No rush! No worries! OR it was the pizza he ate! lol

Just think how freeing it is to not have to make all your kids dreams come true! Now, I know we want to but not at the sacrifice of spending time with them that will change their life so much more! Just my opinion.

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