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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…I’m not a Chameleon After All!

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I had discussed previously how I felt about living your life basically through someone elses eyes for your life. There has to be a point when you say STOP! No more, I am going to think for myself, be myself, impress myself, and be happy within myself. How can that happen when the constant opinions and thoughts of what others might feel are weighing in on every decision?

It’s time ladies, stand up and think for yourself. If you’re married, I don’t mean go against your husband, I’m talking about what is it that you like? And why?

I also shared about my wall that tells my story…this is something I wake up to every morning that reminds me of my independence of what others think I should like or dislike. If I dislike/like something it is because I have formed a well thought out opinion…if I say I don’t know it’s pretty simple, I haven’t the facts to weigh into a decision, but I’m not afraid to do that.

I like sausage Pizza!! I don’t like peperoni but I will tolerate it because Inu (my Shitzu) can eat the peperoni so its ok…I’ll share.

I also happen to love shoes…not because I’m a woman and that’s the way it’s supposed to be but because I honestly like shoes!!! I love giving them away and buying the perfect pair of shoes for someone or giving of what is mine for the same reason.

AND...I do really like adventure…put me in some designer labeled sweats…and I will climb some mountain! It’s ok if my hair isn’t perfect and it’s ok if I have no make-up on but I need nice clothes and shoes. Good hiking boots and nice clothes…I’m all set! Let’s go hiking!! Just had to reiterate to get the point across.

The point is break free from the chameleon lifestyle and venture out to see what YOU like for YOU! Get magazines cut out what you like about an outfit OR if your thing is gardening…see what you really like! I like fashion! LOVE IT!

Stop being the chameleon and look in the mirror and see your true self!

And ladies don’t forget to do your kegles! 

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