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Perfection Is Not Always Perfect!

Tue, May. 24, 2016 Posted: 10:32 AM

Think of any looks perfect but it's rarely's done in EXCELLENCE and that, to me, is a state of mind. Doing it to the BEST of your ability, that's what matters in everything.

Let’s Be Honest, We Can’t be EVERYTHING to Our Kids but we can come close. I have always believed in saying you’re sorry when you’re wrong even though you are a parent as well as never being afraid to say “I missed it”. And believe me, I have missed it before.

Recently I had to do that. I taught my kids very well how to guard their hearts from everyone, including family. Not me, we can always be open and honest and but don’t trust others. What a huge mistake, I see that now…well, started re-teaching them how I messed up a few years ago.

I believe that being honest about where I still need work in my life is a way for my sons to see that it’s ok to be human, it really does happen, we are not perfect.

I started following God again when I was in my 30s and I had a lot of years of doing things the wrong way. I taught them that where I don't make a great example, because I'm still struggling with something, let's find someone else who isn't struggling with that thing or better yet let's go to the word of God. Let God give you a plan of how to live the right way and make the right decisions in this area because I can't be the example in every area.

I can be the example of a good mom, I can be the example of a disciplined parent, I can be the example of discipline in my life in some areas, but there are areas that I needed help and still do. I am growing and changing just like everyone else in the world.

I feel like now this is helped them with not being judgmental towards people, loving them for who they are and seeing the good in people, even though I made mistakes, I was never afraid to own up to them.

I would just say, “Wow guys, I really missed it there…”

I remember when anger was an issue for me. I didn’t have a lot of it but I had enough to be a good example of how to walk out of this. Now, that was actually good for my son to see because he dealt with some anger about his dad not being around and I was able to help him with how I dealt with it. Good example of walking it out even though I wasn’t perfect. They saw me on the other side of it and saw that God’s plan for me worked.

We all have different variables in our background that allows God to be God in helping us through everything. I like that because I never liked being put in a box.

So much freedom to be ourselves, in God and God in us, being an example in our strengths and sometimes even our weaknesses.

Marianne Kurtz