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This is quite a BIG subject matter.

The bible says in 1 Samuel 15:23 says, “rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry."

That seems pretty clear but, maybe you are not one that believes the Old Testament is for today. Then look at it this way: Merriam-Webster dictionary defines rebellion as “an opposition to one in authority or dominance”-plain and simple.

Someone that is trying to do things their own way not how the person who has authority wants it to be, that is rebellion. Witchcraft, in the real sense of the word, is using powers or irresistible influence to get what you want. Our job as parents is to know that when we say Yes or No it is a MORE sure thing than what our child wants at the time. So, no bending the rules, no “but he/she is so cute I can’t resist giving in”, just stick to what you say. If you said no to ice cream because they whined, then it has to stay no to ice cream until they behave the way you expect them to.

Don’t let rebellion in or you will lose your place in your house as the one in charge. We have all seen the houses where the three year old runs the house. The parents can’t have time with friends, no adult conversations can take place, and no one can watch the children because they too unruly to have anyone stay with them.

I have even seen where the child won’t go to bed without the parent; they have to lay in bed until they fall asleep. About that, I always made my children fall asleep alone without me however, I read to them almost every night. We read all kinds of books gathered around me on the couch or on their bed following along and as they got older it was taking turns reading at times but for the most part I read to them.

When I had company I told them ahead of time that I would not be reading them because of company being there and they would have to go directly to bed and if they chose not to obey they would get spanked and do as I said. So, they always had a clear choice:

1. Do what I said without a spanking, or

2. Do what I said with a spanking;

Clear-cut, concise rules.

If I did not know if something was rebellion than I would tell my boys, whent hey were older of course, "I am not sure how to handle this. It seems like rebellion and you are probably going to get spanked for it so, you can take this opportunity to fix it."

And then, don't change your mind to what you say you are going to do for discipline. Remember, let your yes be yes and your no be no.

I gave my nephew and my cousin some very clear rules when they moved in. You can use my car but if normal everyday things are not kept up then privleges get taken away and the first is the use of my car for your pleasure, the only use will be for my errands they can run or job interviews and know, important stuff! Well, after not doing what they were supposed to do privileges have been suspended BUT they tried to use it and because I have the Holy Ghost I texted them and caught them!

I wasn't mad I actually wanted to let them take the car but because of what I said...I explained that if I didn't stick to what I said would happen they would never believe when I say yes or no, they understood and have been doing, we'll see if they get those privileges back! ;) I'm sure they will! eventually!

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