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Stand Up For What You Believe In

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It's easy to say what you believe in behind closed doors but what about when you are out in public. As the world gets louder about what they believe in it's time that Christians and parents who believe in spanking, (not beating their kids) controlled discipline, speak up for what the Bible says.

Too many opinions about it not being the correct way to discipline! It is the Christian way and IT does work when consistent and not done in anger. As Christians we cannot just sit back and watch the world tell us how to raise our children when the answer lies in the Word not the world.

The problem has been not being consistent which in turn leads to anger in discipline and that is where the problem begins because then you get mad and see red. Don't beat them down with words or an object or your hands, Train them up in peace, love and the rod of correction - Most call this the paddle! ! It is better to walk away and take a breather from any situation if you are angry and get over it before dealing with it...disciplining children should be no different. Walk away for a moment; don't keep saying stupid stuff and expect things to not blow up in your face. Take a moment, get over it, think reasonably and then deal with it in peace. If you spank in anger you impart anger; spank in peace and surety that you know "Spare the Rod..." then you impart peace. It works!

Teach as we are taught...the Word NEVER fails.

If the family unit is to be kept a unit then teaching our children from a young age what we are taught in the Word is the best way to go. don't assume just because they are sitting in church they are getting it. go to the word, teach them the word - they are children....the bible says to study to show yourselves approved (2 timothy 2:15) as parents the word of god is always our basis for everything so, we want to make sure it is our children's as well. rightly handle the word (new american standard version).

**My spiritual trainer taught me that you can’t help someone else get free until you are free”

This statement applies to child training as well. But, if we look at it in the grand scope of things it seems an impossible feat. However, this can be put into play whenever disciplinary situation arises and there is anger involved...go pray the anger off and NEVER SPANK IN ANGER remember that IS what you will impart to them. We need to tell them to stay where they are and pray (there are times this can be done together) but, then there are times this needs to be done will know the difference of when. Now here is the part where you “...grieve, knowing afterwards it will yield…” because when you get out of your prayer closet you are just going to want to love on them and not spank. You must spank your behavior is fixed now...spank them, love them, and explain how “oops” you almost messed up but, thank God the wisdom of God came through.

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