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Taking Back My Life

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First of all I want to thank my friends for always listening and sometimes ranting with me about all kinds of crap and this is one of them…

I have come to the realization that I don’t date! I hate dating! I wasn't sure how I was and I had to find out. It's not that I never dated...I did, but I did not experience the basic idea of putting your phone number on every napkin in the bar and then comes the barrage of messages and they all think I'm beautiful and then some are INSTANTLY in love...that screams Psycho!

I am really a ONE man at a time person! So the idea that online dating seems to imply that you can be with more than ONE person at a time…you date them! Cannot understand that! I’m an all or nothing person, there I said it!

Now, I’m not a psycho! Mmmmmm…yea, no. Not a psycho! But, I do believe that if you “date” someone and you want to go out again then why would you keep looking? So you find someone you like better? How does that make sense? Especially when I’m NOT a booty call!

Here is another fine example of online dating at it's best. There is nothing like having a great conversation with a guy in Afghanistan (a soldier) who can’t skype or call and is in a war zone and after about 3 days…here we go…he needs $250 to get his son, who is in America, a birthday party! But he doesn’t have access to his bank account there! WOW! Really? Don’t you know there are examples of JUST THIS on this very dating site warning us about people JUST LIKE YOU! OH! And his wife died tragically while they were vacationing in Paris.

I had to probe to get the truth out of this one…I mean 3 days that’s a long time! Lol
Really had to tell about that one and get that out there! That was a terrible thing to do! Probably looked me up on inet and saw my FB page and that my son is in the Navy! Thank God I have the Holy Ghost (the good H.G.) and some common sense!

Therefore…done with online dating stuff! It’s too crazy for me! But, at least I tried!

You might think, “How will Marianne meet someone?” Like you care that much about my life! And if you do…thank you, PRAY! Lol What I do know is that it will be my own design, by God, for me!

Maybe you have had some great success on online dating…would love to hear about your success and/or your hilariously funny online dating stories!! Comment below!

Anyway, the whole “take by my life” blog is because:
A) I love the Fight Song by Rachel Platten and
B) there really is no formula in life

It is time to take it back from people’s opinions of what, this is not the people's choice's your life! I don’t mean take it back from God! That’s just silly…My life is His! And that is my point!

how about a little acronym...let’s call it W.D.G.W.M.T.D. N. “What Does God Want Me To Do Now”…that’s a perfect acronym! Lol Somebody help me!

Let’s stop putting God in some box made up of mystery formulas He has that will make us hit the mark! We are called to live our lives according to our purpose! So…let’s do just that!

It the gifts are given without repentance then why do you suppose that would be? You’re going to make it to your purpose, I’m going to make it to my purpose. How bad can we really screw up our lives, especially while remaining teachable and pliable to God? So, just go for it! Move forward! Don’t ask for friends’ permission to do anything. MOVE! Every decision we make we have to live out – might as well make it your own. Because most times you can’t go back and cry, “DO-OVER! Door #2 please”, it doesn’t work that way.

I know this is a lot about choices and taking back your life but in whatever I do I give account for my choices. I chose to raise my kids against a lot of people’s opinions and for me. But, it was my choice and in my life, it worked out. But, that does not mean that it is my neighbor’s ONLY way of doing it.

I homeschooled my sons and I beat the hell out of them! You know what I mean…I spanked them! Yes! I do believe in spanking! Not in anger but spank at first sign of disobedience or in need of correcting attitude and guess what? You’re not angry! IT WORKS! And for God’s sake once you start, be consistent…it really IS the key.

Give ourselves a big break and live under our God-given grace! Not doing everything like a perfect little Christian, that is not the way to GRACE or FAVOR?

Grace is unearned! You can’t work your way to grace and you can’t convince your way to grace.
GRACE is what is on your life when you’re making those choices that end up as part of the ultimate path. GRACE is what keeps us under the wings of God and allows us to love others despite their areas where they need grace. And Mercy and Grace shall follow me all the days of my life! YEP! And that’s that!

So…take back your life and make good choices! THE END.

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