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Teach As We Are Taught - The Word Never Fails

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Teach as We are Taught


A. it’s ok to start over
B. It’s ok to apologize to our kids if we messed up maybe got upset over small things

You should also remember that starting over gives you a chance to make things right. don't get discouraged if you have to tell your children things many times either, it takes time to learn.
and as children they will see how far they can go and where there boundaries are.
as a parent I would get very busy and have many things on my mind and forget the last rule I made or we changed. so, in order to eliminate confusion, I established a method of defeating this - we wrote the change on a calendar. Then when I would say "how come this or that is not done?" or whatever the case may be...we would see what that last change was and take it from there. and because we all were present when it was made it was easy to determine the outcome and if there was a misunderstanding or discipline was needed.

Of course this was more for as they were older...but, I haven't really established an age for this site. :)

Will They Ever Learn?...

Ya thing I learned after a while is that when I discipline them they know how to fix it but, really they don't. I mean let's just think for a minute...if you got a spanking every single time after you didn't clean your room right or after fighting with your brother and knew the right way to behave would you really do it again and again and again? I don't think so.

Thank god for god and that when we ask for wisdom he is faithful to give it to us (james 1:5). so, i asked for it and feel like then i started to see what was really happening - they needed to be shown how to respond to situations. this is when i started an enviroment safe training situation.
the next time an ocurrence happened - i reset the scenario and had both of them say what they said or did initially and then gave them the correct response. from there on out when that specific thing would happen again i taught them to come to me (not in a tatteling way) but, in a way of this happened - what is the correct response.

The bible says "my people perish for a lack of knowledge." Hosea 4:5

Obviously this can be because of a lack of can only be that it applies to our children as well. i mean without the proper teaching how to handle a situation how can know until they are much older but, by then they have driven us up every wall in the house because we can't "figure out" why the discipline is not working.

Teach and be consistent.

I know in my own life it was very difficult to fix a reaction to someone's action until I was taught by my trainer ;)

Tatteling is a topic that i blog about extensive coming soon...

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