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The Period Chronicles Part II Volume II…whatever!

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I found myself here again the past week. Blowing out of proportion things that are said, letting my imagination get away from me and even if not out loud, definitely in my head, accusing and mentally trying not to cuss out stupid people!

What qualifies as stupid people during this time?? EVERYONE who is not me! And the whole time thinking…God, please let my female vitamins come soon because feeling this way is stressing me out. Why does everyone want to piss me off right now??

Oh and I better not look in the mirror or try on any clothes right now…because then there will be hell to pay and it won’t matter if you came from my womb or the FedEx man dropped you off on my doorstep! You are all going to die if you say ONE WRONG WORD!

Well, my son who is in California, he did just that! He said the wrong thing and for days we would talk and could not get around this. I kept trying to see it in a different light, but it was not working. I did everything I knew I could do:

Thinking, “I didn’t raise him that way…there is no way he just said that” lead to
“but he is in the military and everyone says their child changed after that”

Then thinking, “Just stop thinking that!” “But, the military changed him!”

Then thinking…”the military changed him, why did I let him join?” not that I would’ve
stopped him but I would have discouraged instead of encouraging him.

Finally, I talked to him and he was real upset too because he was the whole time trying to say that he didn’t mean it the way it came out and I was saying but you said it you must have meant it…blah, blah, blah!! Pointless! Pointless! Pointless! FINALLY…I was able to hear him!

Really…was all this necessary?? All I can say now is God, please let these vitamins help! Lol Just a silly misunderstanding!

And ladies don’t forget to do your Kegels!

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