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The Period Chronicles - Volume 1

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This chronicling series is dedicated to all those moments when I knew I overreacted but it was too late AND all those predicatments that this little RED dot can get us into.

So here is the first in a sporadic volume of period chronicles:

This happened last month when I flew into California to visit my son, who just joined the navy last year and is the cause of mother growing pains when he left - it is where he is supposed to be, was for his 21st birthday and we decide we would meet at the airport and rent a car and drive, YES DRIVE, 12 hours up the coast of California directly after landing. GREAT IDEA!

Well, guess who ended up driving all night? Yep, yours truly!

Woke him up around 9am and he had to drive…now we are in the Redwood Forest area and stopping EVERYWHER! There is no better feeling than the knowledge that my son was getting a dream fulfilled before the age of 21. This was worth losing two nights of sleep that I would miss because of the period.

You see, the plan was to drive up the coast and camp IN the Redwood Forest…yay!!!
• Tent
• Lanterns
• Warm clothes
• Blankets
• Reservation 6 months in ADVANCE???...OOPS

But, this will not stop us! We can camp in the wild…sort of loosely designated camp area…with a permit. Listened to speech…don’t bring food because of bears, watch out for blah, blah, blah…

This gets me thinking, “I just started my period and 10 DAYS EARLY-WHAT?? That’s probably not a great idea with bears and all…”

The plan we had to drive up the coast, camp, and then drive back down just backfired. Now, we have to drive back down the coast with a stop to meet a cousin we have never met and then take his suggested route of Hwy 1! Yay!! EXCEPT! He didn’t mention it being carved on the side of mountain with very little guardrail and very steep cliffs! <<<<

FUN TIMES! I’m sure you’ll be waiting on tiptoes for the next in a scattered series of “The Period Chronicles” That should have come across in a STAR WARS kind of way! Until next time…

OH and don’t Forget…do your kegles!

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