The Diary of A Single Mom
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The Period Chronicles…Volume III

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So…this week has been fun!

I am not sure if it was the food dye I had over the weekend or what but, WOW!

I am not sure how my son is still alive…because it does not matter what he said to me…it was WRONG! ALL WRONG!!

Sometimes I really get why men may choose to not marry…I didn’t like myself at all. I couldn’t stop it though…well, I could’ve but I would’ve had to keep my mouth shut! HA! That wasn’t happening.

I do this tech support from home, I wear many hats, and I renamed myself “Marianne AKA Oscar the Grouch”, just so everyone I work with in the chats would know to stay away from me!

But, seriously…I was nice to my coworkers…I just don’t know why I wasn’t to my son. Is it the “You always hurt the ones you love” thing? I didn’t hurt him, not physically…but I am sure I wasn’t nice. I did however; warn him that I was feeling grouchy and well…bitchy! I was…I really was.

He could not do anything right, not like he was trying! Well, it didn’t seem like it to me.

The house couldn’t be clean enough, why do I get stuck doing all the crap chores??

Sorry to break it to all of us parents, single or not, when you moved into the big house to live with the family and it was nice because as they grew they did more…when they get jobs or move out…guess who is stuck with all the crap chores???!!! WE ARE! Yea, we don’t think about this when we are making their lives comfortable, do we? I didn’t.

I have to do the floors, 2 out of 3 bathrooms…and I have one less son around to help me.

Now, this week it was bad and I complained and although I don’t yell and scream…I do LET IT BE KNOWN when I don’t like something or it’s NOT going the way it should.

I told my son today…WOW! I think I might need some vitamins…I never want to feel that way again! And he gave me a big hug. I love him so much…God gave me such good sons! So caring and loving and sweet…ONLY NOT LAST WEEK!

I am all better now and thank God this doesn’t happen often…I don’t think the human race could tolerate it every month!

However, I do need something to blame…so I’ll check out the food and the vitamins.

AND...don't forget your kegels! It's important!

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