The Diary of A Single Mom
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Train Them Up, Don't Beat Them Down...Let the training begin

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I really have no other way of beginning the training then by sharing some of my own scenarios and then later explaining how they played out. I already told you about the Barney show and how I trained Jacob to answer when I called him no matter what he was doing. I do think I need to elaborate at bit more on that subject. You will learn by experience that what I am about to tell you will happen in many areas and when it does you’ll think, ‘I read that in Marianne’s book and so I’m not going to get frustrated, I’m just going to continue being consistent because she said this would happen.” It’s ok you can laugh out loud (LOL) at that especially when it happens.

We got through the initial ‘Barney training’ but that was not all there was to it because for some reason answering when I called him it suddenly did not apply to when he was playing so I had to run the whole training again. In the time following it would happen about once in each situation however, not for his brother growing up seeing Jacob get spanked for this he just knew plus I taught them to warn each other to listen so they won’t get spanked. They were not allowed to be happy about the other getting spanked or they would both get spanked. Our saying from the word of God was, “Am I my brother’s keeper? YES” Eventually the answering when I call became them saying, “Coming” and then get up and come to me. Because I soon found out that just answering led to loud communication like, “Come here” and they would answer, “What?” and so forth and so on. Needless to say I had to evolve the training to what suited our lives.

Child training is for life. There was a time when I thought that child training would end at a certain age. I soon found out after my sons started doing their own things that training continued especially because they have respect for me and how I raise them and that is a great outcome.

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