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What Is Love?

Mon, Jun. 06, 2016 Posted: 07:59 PM

What is Love?

I have a hard time understanding drama about love…you see it all the time on facebook and other social media outlets.

“My family doesn’t love me because they…” and usually followed up by something that as a parent I can agree with the parent.

Parental love does not include letting a son/daughter who is over 18 live in the house without a job. That is not teaching them anything except it is ok to mooch off of other people. This is not love.

To me, love has always been seeing beyond the here and now to seeing their future. Of course it’s not easy portraying what is called "tough love" but, what exactly will they learn if they are taught that living without working is acceptable.

As parents, we are responsible for our children and raising them to be functioning adults. However, if we don't take on this attitude and knowledge of child training early in life it will be too late and they will have only one way to learn and that's their own trial and error which, may not turn out so great.

Marianne Kurtz