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Candice Lanier

In addition to being a free-lance journalist whose articles have been published by RedState, Patriot Update, The Blacksphere and others, Candice is a computer consultant and antiques dealer.

Posted 10/17/16 at 10:55 AM | Candice Lanier

GhostSec--Which Has Merged With A Major Intel Agency--Thwarts Brussels Terror Attack

Jihadist poster issuing a threat to a university in Brussels.

On September 22, a terror plot against Université libre de Bruxelles, in Belgium, was prevented due to intel uncovered by GhostSec, an online counterterrorism unit which has been instrumental in thwarting terror attacks in the past. GhostSec recently merged with BlackOps Cyber (BOC), an intel agency which provides a wide range services including intel collection, darknet operations, threat analysis, monitoring of threat actors and counterterrorism services.

The threat emanated from a jihadist account on Twitter. According to BOC, the threats were discovered in a series of tweets and revealed an imminent plan to carry out an attack on the university in Brussels. From prior intel collected, BOC operatives knew Brussels had a high probability of being attacked again, as the city is often mentioned in jihadist communications.

Prior to last month’s attacks in New York and New Jersey, this particular Twitter account was openly tweeting the easily located and legally purchased components of canister and pipe bombs. The tweets also indicated the bombing would be in retaliation for the US-led coalition bombing of the University of Mosul. FULL POST

Posted 2/15/16 at 7:22 PM | Candice Lanier

US Military: Budget Cuts & Climate Change Mandates Are Crushing Military Capability

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During the Obama administration’s tenure, there has been increasing unease regarding the military’s ability to counter terrorism and address situations developing in countries such as North Korea and China, if necessary. Most recently, Rep. Michael Turner (R-OH), a senior member on the Oversight and Government Reform Committee and Subcommittee Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, has grave concerns. “President Obama, with his plan of sequestration, has really hollowed out our military,” he told radio host John Catsimatidis on AM 970 New York. “We’ve seen our military readiness, the capabilities of our military, decline significantly,” Turner said.

In addition to fiscal issues, the military has also been hit with game-changing new directives aimed at addressing climate change. It has been mandated that climate change be incorporated into every aspect of military training and preparedness, “from training troops to joint ventures with allies. In addition to military preparedness and the ability to keep the citizens of our country and armed forces personnel safe, the U.S. military must now concern itself with climate change. Charged with a plethora of new directives, all military personnel must deal with new policies aimed at the ability to ‘access and manage risks associated with the impacts of climate change.’” FULL POST

Posted 12/21/15 at 9:28 PM | Candice Lanier

Scary Christmas: For Many Christians Around the World...Including in the West

Photo Credit: WeHeartWorld.Com

The White House has refused to make the declaration that ISIS has committed genocide on Christians, even though ISIS’ spiritual credibility is contingent upon its dedication to cleansing the “caliphate” of Christians. Genocide consists of:

“The perpetrator’s mental state and the acts. According to the legal definition of genocide, the perpetrator(s) must have “special intent” (dolus specialis) to destroy a particular group, in whole or in part, and commit genocidal acts: (1) killing, (2) causing serious bodily or mental harm, (3) inflicting conditions of life to bring about physical destruction, (4) preventing births, and (5) forcibly transferring children.” FULL POST

Posted 11/22/15 at 7:14 PM | Candice Lanier

Terror-Linked American Developing a Sanctuary For Syrian Refugees--Despite His State Saying No To Refugees


In Oakland County, Michigan, which borders Detroit and in which Pontiac is the county seat, Syrian-Americans are purchasing land to create a sanctuary area for Syrian refugees. The Oakland Press reports:

"Eight area residents formed two companies and purchased 120 lots on 10 Pontiac city blocks west of Woodward near Franklin to build the new homes.

The group — who formed Live In Pontiac LLC and Pontiac Community Investment — started by buying the vacant, boarded-up Franklin Elementary School on Franklin Road.

The school will be revamped as a community center for the newcomers.”

Malaz Alatassi, one of the investors has said: “We heard 10,000 have already been approved.” FULL POST

Posted 10/14/15 at 11:31 PM | Candice Lanier

Ben Carson Aside, Many Christians & Muslims Believe We’re Living In The End Times


In an interview with Sharyl Attkisson, presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson responded to questions regarding the biblical end times. Carson said that one “could guess that we are getting closer” to the end times when Attkisson asked if he believes that biblical prophecy is currently unfolding. Attkisson went on to question Carson about whether he thinks, “we’re at the end of days?”

Carson’s response, however, was more related to the actions of extremists and the risk of them acquiring nuclear weapons. “You could guess that we are getting closer to that,” Carson said. “You do have people who have a belief system that sees this apocalyptic phenomenon occurring — and that they’re a part of it — and who would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons if they gain possession of them.” FULL POST

Posted 10/4/15 at 4:33 PM | Candice Lanier

Ben Carson & Others Show Support For Oregon Victims With Hashtag #YesImAChristian

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Social media users have been showing support for the victims of the Umpqua Community College mass shooting via social media. Following the attack, reports began to surface that gunman, Christopher Harper-Mercer, specifically targeted Christians.

The grandmother of one of the shooting victims said her granddaughter told her the gunman was singling out students who said they were Christian. Janet Willis explained that her granddaughter, Anastasia Boylan, was in the classroom when the shooter opened fire. Willis said she was told the shooter was questioning students in regard to their faith. "If they said they were Christian, he shot them in the head," Willis said.

She said her granddaughter also told her the shooter handed one of the students, who hadn't been shot, a package and told him to deliver it to the authorities. Additionally, a law enforcement official told the New York Times that Mercer had asked victims about their religion before killing them. Those who indicated they were Christian were informed by the shooter that they would “see God in just about one second.” This quickly evolved into the mass murder of 9 Christians. FULL POST

Posted 9/16/15 at 8:20 PM | Candice Lanier

The Fall of Scott Walker

Photo Credit: Politico

Prior to entering the 2016 presidential race, and momentarily afterward, Scott Walker was considered to be one of the most promising Republican contenders for the White House. Popular with conservatives, Walker boasted a record of conservative reforms in Wisconsin. And, following the Iowa Freedom Summit, in January, Walker soared to the top of the polls and remained there for several months.

A couple months into the launch of his presidential campaign, however, Walker began plummeting in the polls. What led to his decline?

  • The Rise of Donald Trump - Walker’s poll numbers began to fall at the same time that Trump's began to rise. But, while other candidates were also negatively impacted by Trump’s rise in the polls, Walker fell the furthest.
  • The First GOP Debate - Walker failed to impress during the first GOP debate. It wasn’t so much what he said--it was his inability to stand out in the debate. Positioned right next to Trump, to many viewers he appeared overly cautious, with answers that sounded scripted and lacking in conviction.
  • Unclear Positions - For example, Walker recently came out in opposition to the US accepting more Syrian refugees. But, prior to that Walker had dismissed the issue as irrelevant because he's not the president.
  • Immigration - Walker has also been criticized for appearing to echo Trump in regard to supporting ending birthright citizenship, but later took “a total of three positions –- before concluding to ABC News' George Stephanopoulos that 'no,' he isn’t calling for a constitutional amendment to end birthright citizenship. Then, in responding to a question from NBC’s Chuck Todd on the concept of building a wall on the northern U.S. border with Canada, Walker said it was a 'legitimate' issue worth reviewing. In the days that followed, Walker had to clarify his response and said that he wasn’t talking about building a wall but was instead referring to the idea of increased federal personnel to support local law enforcement along the northern border."

Yet, Walker’s most troubling downfall, in the eyes of many, is his wavering stance on abortion. When Scott Walker unveiled his health care policy, it was noted that the proposal was void of any mention of the words, “abortion”, “conscience” or “life.” This has been viewed as a major political misstep for Walker and has made some wonder if they can rest assured that “the new federal health tax credits he proposes will not be used to subsidize insurance plans that offer abortion coverage.” FULL POST

Posted 9/9/15 at 11:13 PM | Candice Lanier

What Are You Willing To Do To Prevent Another 9/11?

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Earlier this year, in April, ISIS released a propaganda video which warned that America will burn again in another 9/11. It was also chillingly communicated that there is "no safety for any American on the globe". The video, entitled “We Will Burn America,” was a call to arms to its supporters, rallying them to conduct these attacks.

Unfortunately, 14 years after 9/11 the policies and actions of our government give the false impression that we are a country with no enemies and nothing to fear. Terror cases continue to increase and so far, in 2015, the amount of terror cases in the US exceeds the number of terror cases each year since 9/11. The Boston Bombing was completely preventable had the feds acted on tips given to them and terrorist group, al Shabaab, has been allowed to operate and thrive in Minnesota for years. It is a known recruiting ground for al Shabaab, but Somali-Americans from this region, have been busted by the authorities for attempting to join ISIS. FULL POST

Posted 8/27/15 at 6:37 PM | Candice Lanier

Killed in Airstrike: Top ISIS Hacker On Pentagon Hit List Who Threatened Attacks on US Military

Ghost Security

Twenty-one year old Junaid Hussain, the notorious ISIS hacker from Birmingham, UK who masterminded the terrorist group’s online war, was killed in a US drone strike earlier this week. Hussain is also linked to the Garland, Texas, draw Mohammed attack. Number three on a Pentagon kill-list, only Jihadi John and ISIS leader al-Baghdadi are higher value targets.

Hussain, who also operated under the alias Abu Hussain al-Britani, did some time for stealing personal information on Tony Blair. Together with his wife, a former punk rocker, they were dubbed ‘Mr & Mrs Terror’. Mrs. Terror, Sally Jones, is 45, a convert to Islam and a mother with a young son. Eventually, she moved to Syria with her child and now leads a violent all-female ISIS brigade. FULL POST

Posted 6/22/15 at 12:34 AM | Candice Lanier

Church Violence Is On a Sharp Increase: Some Guidelines For Keeping Your Church Safe

The New York Post

In April, 2012, in the same state in which Dylann Roof allegedly shot and killed nine members of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, a churchgoer in a church near Spartanburg, SC saved the lives of fellow worshipers after a man kicked in the door, while brandishing a shotgun. The Rev. Aaron Guyton held the armed intruder at gunpoint, while two other church members, Jesse Smith and Leland Powers, pinned him down to the floor until deputies arrived. Rev. Guyton recalls stepping onto a chair and climbing down a 3-foot bannister which enveloped the pulpit, at which point he was able to wrest the shotgun from the offender, Jesse Gates.

Referring to the deceptively deadly concept of gun-free zones during an online interview with Fox News’ Todd Starnes, presidential candidate Mike Huckabee commented that, “it sounds crass, but frankly the best way to stop a bad person with a gun is to have a good person with a weapon that is equal or superior to the one that he’s using.” FULL POST

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