The Need for Boundaries
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Talent Doesn't Mean it's "God" Good

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Bible Study
Read the Bible to Your Kids at an Early Age

In my years of working with troubled youth, I’ve heard countless teenagers praising the music of their favorite rock or rap stars for any number of reasons–regardless of how misogynistic the lyrics are, or how close the beats, rhythms, tones, and energy in the music, alone, mimic what occultists summon their evil spirits to.

Two common reasons kids give to justify their affinity for this stuff is:
1. How it makes them feel.
2. Their appreciation for the talent it takes to play it.

Parents, think to remind your kids that it also takes talent to pull off the perfect bank heist. That feels good and profitable too when it’s all over. But, is it a "God" kind of good? If all truth is God’s truth, then every lie is the Devil’s lie. Parents, don’t allow your kids to be duped by the enemy! Help mold their appetites, from a young age, for the goodness, truth, and holiness of God.

Trace Embry is the Founder and Director of Shepherd's Hill Academy, a Christian wilderness and therapeutic residential program, as well as a private accredited school for troubled teenagers. He is the Host of the License to Parent with Trace Embry radio program. He is also a public speaker, and teaches parenting classes. Visit his parenting blog at Insight for Today’s Culture.

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