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5 Reasons Churches Should Use Social Media

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If your church is still on the fence about using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or other social mediatools to communicate with those in your church and those in your community, here are 5 compelling reasons.

1. Gets news/info to people who use social media. People miss church, they don’t pay attention to announcemets, they don’t read newsletters, and some don’t check email. For some Facebook or Twitter users, the best way to let them know about what’s going on in your church may be through social media.

2. Helps people feel better connected to the church. For a person who may only go to church once a week or less, connecting to the church through social media helps them to know what’s going on and feel better connected to the church.

3. Fosters better relationships among members. Through your church’s use of Facebook or Twitter, members of your church meet and get to know other members of the church.

4. Enables the entire church to be the church – praying, encouraging, teaching each other – online.

5. People can invite friends to services, share stories, articles, videos, and the gospel with friends outside of the church and Christianity. The church’s role is not primarily to evanglize, it’s to equip its people to evangelize and disciple.

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