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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy That Laptop Instead of a Desktop

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Thinking of buying a computer? Usually when people buy a computer, their first thought is to buy a desktop. After all, desktop computers have been around for decades and people are used to sitting at a computer desk and using their computer. However laptops (also called notebooks) are now more popular than ever. So should you choose a laptop over a desktop computer? Here is 5 reasons why I think you should.

1. Laptops are more mobile.

This is fairly obvious, but think for a minute just what all you can do with your computer if it is a laptop. You can take your computer in the car, you can take your computer on vacation with you, you can even go outside and surf the net in the warm sunshine! Ten years ago, this wasn't really practical. However, nowadays Wi-Fi is everywhere. You can even find Wi-Fi in places like McDonalds and Starbucks. Don't get some work done on your computer at that boring desk, do it at Starbucks!

2. Laptops match up with a GREAT display.

Despite being smaller, laptops often have a great looking display. Many people assume that if they get a laptop, they are settling for less when it comes to the monitor. This couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, many laptops are now sold with a wide-screen 17 inch LCD monitor.

3. Laptops are lighter.

This goes along with reason number 1. Since laptops are so light, you can easily carry them around. Within recent years laptops have gotten even lighter. Some laptops now are as light as just 3 or 4 pounds. That's lighter than a desktop computers monitor!

4. Improved performance.

Years ago, one of the big downsides to laptops was their limited performance. The laptop generally came with a slower processor, limited ram, and a small hard drive. This is no longer the case though. Laptops these day can easily have 1GB of memory and hard drives of 100+ GB. If you are looking to get a computer for basic everyday use, the desktop computer no longer has the advantage when it comes to performance.

5. Extra features!

One of the nicest things about laptop computers is just how many additional extras can be included inside the laptop computer. For instance, many laptop computers come with a built in web-cam. Some laptops also have built-in Wi-Fi, extra USB ports, and even microphones. Of course, you can have all of those additional features with a desktop computer, but it might cost you hundreds of dollars extra.

In conclusion, I hope you can see why I feel that it is better to buy a laptop computer then it is to buy a desktop. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a desktop computer. A desktop computer has its uses, as does a laptop. But when it comes to the everyday use, laptops take the win.

Justin Robinson has been interested in computers for over 11 years. He enjoys helping people with their computer problems. Justin Robinson also runs a blog which he uses to post the latest computer tips, reviews, and more.

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