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911 Remembered Always

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I am so sick and tired of hearing about that 911 was an inside job. Whether it was or not 3,000 innocent people died that day. I went to twitter to post that I was coming to pay my respects at ground zero. And I get some flake that just has to tell me that 911 was a false flag and an inside job. What does that have to do with the 3,000 lost on that day?

Too many people are all concerned with whether 911 was an inside job. We forget about the people.

The first responders who died trying to rescue people, the families of the victims who are the only ones who really deserve answers. And the people who died that day just because they went to work.

I know the country wants to know the truth behind 911 and was it terrorism or an inside job. Was it Osama bin Laden or George Bush? But let’s not forgot the good things that came out of that tragic day . Like the cross that was melted together from 2 separate pieces of steel that should not have been together in any way.

911 cross

The people who were rescued from the burning buildings, ordinary people who up till that time barely talked to each other were helping each other to get down smoke filled hallways.

Even as the face of the devil was seen on the outside as the WTC fell on the inside you could see God's hand in the people who survived. Good met the devil that day and good won. 3,000 people died but many thousands had lived. God was working overtime that day, not only was He with the people who were able to get out of the WTC but he was with the people that were supposed to be in the building that day. Story after story has come down since the events of that Tuesday morning how people missed flights or for one reason or another something keep them away from the buildings.

Yes we should know about the truth of what happened on Sept. 11, 2001 but should that take away from the human stories that came from that day? Whether it was airplanes or explosives that brought the twin towers down, every American who witnessed the events of 911 unfolding in New York City and at the Pentagon or watching it on CNN owes to their selves to visit the 911 memorial.

Let's face some realities we will never know the truth of what happened on 911 but don’t let that detract from the fact we lost 3,000 innocent lives and they should be remembered everyday not just on the anniversary of the attacks.

And like our national anthem says on that day among the rubble and the burning fires and twisted steel our flag was still there.

When I go the 911 memorial at ground zero in July I am not going to think about the how it happened. I am going to pray for each name on the memorial at the foot prints of the original twin towers. I am going to pray for the families and the first responders and hope that they can someday have closure.

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