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Blaming Others for One's Mental Illness

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James holmes was a fan of Batman. Does that mean the movie is to blame?

It seems when someone goes on a rampage we the public and the news media blames everybody else but the person who opened fire.

A few years ago a teen listened to a song by Judas priest and then committed suicide. The band was blamed for his death. They even had to go to court and they were cleared of his death.

Is it to hard to believe that James Holmes would have done the same thing if it wasn’t opening day of Dark Knight Rises?

What do you want to blame the Oklahoma bombing on?

That was an act of terrorism what video game or movie do you want to blame it on? We can go through the years and show that it is not just movies and video games that inspire people to kill.

The Manson Murders
Ft. Bragg

Just to name a few. We need to stop wasting time on CNN and other news organization and blogs blaming the movies for the act of the person. And start blaming the people responsible. The people who didn’t see the signs and get them help they need.

I know kids ,teens, and adults today that need meds for their mood swings and bipolar but doctors either refuse to medicate them when they know that the patient needs drugs.

Instead of blaming Hollywood, music or video games, let's blame the parents who refuse to acknowledge their children need help or the doctors who refuse to medicate and diagnose the problem and medicate the patient or the HMOs who won't pay for the drugs even if the patient is diagnosed or even the gov't, who refuse in their petty bickering to fiance the HMOs so they can pay for the drugs that are needed.

And on the other side of the debate both Hollywood and video game markets make their money glorifying violence. They keep making those violent video games and movies why?

Because we buy them. If we stop buying those type of games and movies they would stop making them. Remember supply and demand. Just as sex sells violence sells .

Please continue to pray for the victims and the families of the Colorado shootings

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