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Directv Lose 25 Channels

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Directv lost 25 channels when they couldn’t reach a agreement with Viacom. They say (directv) they didn’t want to pass the cost of what via com wanted to for their channels to the customers. Did they really ever ask the customers if they wouldn’t mid a small increase to keep the channels on the air?

No they didn’t they put up phone number to call directv to stop the channels from going dark but never even bothered to ask their customers if they would accept a small rate increase?

Now the channels have gone dark and you have to think what is directv is going to do to keep its customers.

In truth no matter the outcome we the consumer lose either we have a rate increase to keep the channels or we lose most of what we all watch.

Here is a list of stations affected by the blackout .



MTV Network


Nickelodeon/ Nick at Nite

TV Land


Spike TV


Noggin/ The-N

Showtime Networks


The Movie Channel

Sundance Channel (joint venture with Robert Redford and Universal Studios)


SET Pay-Per-View (sporting and entertainment events)


Comedy Central

How many of these stations do you watch if you have DirecTV ?

So in short both directv and Viacom will lose out in this. Directv will lose customers by the thousands and Viacom will lose viewers and lose advertising.

But the ultimate loser is us the customer.

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