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12/4/12 at 11:48 AM 1 Comments

Pushing God out of Christmas

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I don’t get it. Christmas isn’t about Santa Claus or Christmas trees or presents.

It's about Christ. Hence we call it Christ-mas. Not allowing nativity scenes in public but yet we have public lighting of Christmas trees. We take our kids to Christmas lights but we avoid any references to Christ in Christmas.

This country was built on God. Our founding fathers included God in every aspect of this country.

Look at our money. It says, "In God we trust." Our pledge of alligence says, "one nation under God." All we hear now from people who have no faith is that we can't put God in public. We can't put the 10 Commandments on public building. We can't place nativity scenes in public but Christmas trees, colored lights and Santa Claus are all pagan rituals.

Jesus is the reason for Christmas, like it or not, and no matter what atheist or anybody else thinks, that is the way it goes. Why do we give to these people? We can pray in school but we applaud people like Tebow who prays publicly on the football field after every touchdown.

Celebrities thank God for their wins at the Oscars, Emmy or any other event. But put out a nativity scene and we are getting the rope. What happened to the separation of church and state how can a court decide if a church can put up a nativity scene or not? In other countries people embrace their faith whatever it is. Only in America do we throw away the reason for the season by banning Nativity scenes but have no problem with Christmas trees and Santa Claus.

Hey America, wake up. The reason for Christmas is Christ. It's time to put Christ back into this country like the founding fathers did 200 plus years ago.

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