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The Internet Friend or Foe?

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Well look how far we have come. We use the internet for everything and I mean everything.

Just like writing this blog. We used to write handwritten letters or use a type writer. Now we use a computer.

We used to have records. Then we went to CD. Now we have mp3s . We used to play cassettes in Walkman’s. Now we have iPod, iPhone, mp3 players and Android phone. We worry about security on Facebook with geo tagging. Which was putting locations on pictures? But we will give our exact location on Four Square.

Video stores were killed by DVDs then by Netflix. Why goout and rent a movie when you can just pull it up on your computer? You can find love on the internet. Dating has become superficial. No need to go out and find a boyfriend/girlfriend. You can just log into the many websites and they will find you a perfect match.

Now even the post office is taking a hit. We used to write letters to each other, handwritten letters. Now we write email or text. If the net where shut down in this country, this country would be shut down. We bank online, we pay our bills online, watch movies, play games, do business.

I know people who telecommute to their job. Which means they get up and go to their computer and go to work.

We post our lives in 140 characters on Twitter. We used to take home movies and only show them to friends and family. Now we post our movies to YouTube in hopes they go viral. This is partly why so many Americans are obese. We have everything at our fingertips. No need to go outside and exercise or meet people. We can do it all from the internet.

Our gadgets are so important to us that we have to take them everywhere. So businesses make sure they have free internet for people to use their gadgets while they drink Starbucks and eat McDonalds.

It seems strange that children won’t go out and mingle in their real life communities but they will spend hours hanging out in a virtual community.

The internet has made American’s fat and lazy. What was supposed to be an aid has turned into a obsession. Great job America for going way overboard. Can you remember the last time you just took a stroll through the park or somewhere without some phone or laptop strapped to you like Terminator?

When is the last time you spent quality time with your kids instead of them just vegging in their room on their computers or video game consoles tied to the internet for hours on end.

Try turning off the machines once in a while and talk to one another. You might find out what you are missing.

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