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Why Do People Kill Each Other?

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I guess that is a question that nobody can answer. People can only speculate, you can put all kinds of terms to describe it. But nobody can give a direct answer.

In the news lately all you hear is people going on shooting rampages killing innocent people who have nothing to do with anything but just going on with the lives.

Ex-boyfriends killing their girlfriends. Instead of killing them why not just move on? Is your life so bad that you deprive people of their lives?

Is that the answer now in this country if the world doesn’t go right for you then you just kill those who don’t agree with you? This country is turning into a war zone. We talk about civil war in other countries. Well we have a civil war going in this country everyday although not on the grand scale like a Syria.

Do you feel like God being able to choose who lives and dies? And it’s not just adults being killed. Small children and being killed in the cross fire. The U.S. gets involved in other countries problems and yet our country is going to hell fast.

We have soldiers dying in a needless war in Afghanistan and yet the people they fight and die for back home in the states are being killed for no reason. People afraid to send their children out to play because they are worried about them being killed. People afraid to go out in fear of being killed.

What kind of freedom is that? Is that what our troops are fighting for? Is that what they are dying for?

Parents afraid of sending their children to school in fear somebody will shoot the place up.

What kind of freedom is this? We are supposed to be the greatest country in the world and yet we are acting like other 3rd world countries. And like other 3rd world countries the government is turning its back on the problems here.

The U.S. governmentt should stop worrying about other countries and start worrying about what’s going on in this country and solve the problems here.

If you don’t solve the problems it will only get worse. In the meantime you can do something and take your streets back. Don’t be afraid of these lowlifes who think they scare you.

And to the U.S. government, since you are taking away so many freedoms and rights now since 911, why not ban guns, or if you don’t want to do that, then let each state be an open carry state. If more people carry guns then maybe the violent crimes will go down as they seem to in states which allow open carry now.

Just don’t stand back and ignore this problem. There is no reason in a so-called civilized country like ours that people can just kill each other on the streets everyday .

Were supposed to be a nation of by and for the people so why not just once do something for the people who elect you in office. Stop all this petty crap and let’s get together and solve this violence problem. I know we can.

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