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Is America Safe When the National Press Becomes the Propaganda Machine for A Political Party?

America places a sacred trust in the news reporters and journalists who are welcomed into their living rooms each day. The information they provide is often viewed as truthful and dependable. Unfortunately, when the information the media provides becomes slanted in order to influence viewers into the hands of a political party, they become untrustworthy manipulators and deceitful propagandists.

We came back with the resolve that we as Americans could not be broken, and our enemies both foreign and domestic began to pay a horrible price. We even reflected a sense of unity (for a brief moment of time). Many can still recall that day that practically the entire U.S. Congress—democrat, Republican, Independent, etc., stood out front on the steps of the Capitol Building and sang “God Bless America!” Even to this day, we have been determined to push back any and all of those who have sought to destroy us. That crisis, like all others passed and like those in the future would hopefully do the same.

However, there is one type of adversary America’s Founding Fathers did not plan for, and that is the willful and purposeful distortion of truth by the one institution ordained to protect and guard it—the press! Its protection was made a vital part of the way we run our government, not as a willful and faithful follower of a particular ideology or political party, but a vigilant watchdog over the activities and affairs of those we elect to represent us! If there is to be any semblance of loyalty and devotion, it should always on the side of the truth and the trust of the people!

Recognizing the absolute necessity for a free press to help maintain an free people, the Founding Fathers made certain that the provisions for basic human freedoms be maintained, and that government would not have the power to deprive the people of the principles that ensured them. Thus the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution plainly states…

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

Let’s face it. Our nation is in deep and serious trouble! It has always been said that the press—specifically journalists would always bear a healthy suspicion of government, continuously skeptical of its actions, intentions and motives. The press is supposed to maintain a constant vigil on behalf of the American citizenry, and would sound the alarm if and when our public servants violated the public trust. Along with the freedom of religion is the freedom of the press, the right to assemble publicly and question the actions of government through petition. Above all, when three of the rights of citizens are trampled, it is the press that has the call of duty to make it known!

Unfortunately, this is where America has fallen into a state of crisis: our press and news media have practically become the fourth branch of government and now unabashedly work to maintain a cloud of darkness over the land. Although the government cannot rightfully force or deprive the press of its freedom to speak, write or publish whatever it deems appropriate, what happens when the press decides to join forces with government because as an institution, the proverbial “powers that be” become that punishers and rewarders of those opinions they like or dislike.

This darkness is the absence of truth! If you were an adult any time during the Cold War era when the Soviet Union represented the enslavement of nearly half of the world’s humanity, then it is more likely that you may have chuckled at the journalistic antics of the official newspaper of Russia- Pravda and the news agency disseminating information for the entire Eastern Bloc of nations- Tass. As we read about, or listened to our western news media and compared it to Pravda’s version of the same event or circumstances, it was quite easy to conclude that much of what they were telling their citizens was mere propaganda at the least and outright lies at its worst! Today, it is Pravda that is warning America's citizenry about the dangers of giving in to the demands of government!

It seems today that the ungodly and the wicked rule. Our elected officials lie with impunity, and the press marvels about how skillful they are in the art of politics. Our leading journalists no longer question the validity of their statements nor challenge their broken promises. The truth is that it is not as much to do with the skill of the politician as it is the unwillingness of the press to challenge him! How deceitful!

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