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Arab Spring Is Battle for One World Governance

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This Egyptian news cast spoke of the social unrest within the country. The labor unions and workers in the medical field were the epicenter of the rebellion against President Mubarak.

Labor Unions At Heart of Destabilizing Regimes

As the world watches the crumbling and disintegration of practically every aspect of the rule of law throughout the Middle East and portions of the western world, it is important for us to remember how we got ourselves in this predicament in the first place! In spite of the media now showing mass mobs of violence being enacted by violent Muslim extremists, please recall that the beginning of each of these outbreaks were not started by the religious leaders, but by community organizers supported primarily by the labor unions and government workers movements, up to and including groups and organizations from the United States! The MENA Solidarity Network  (Middle East and North Africa Workers Network) is foremost in leading the uprisings, but can never co-exist with the militant extremist groups such as al-Qaeda or the Muslim Brotherhood. (Recall that it was the Muslim Brotherhood that was responsible for the assassination of Egyptian president Anwar Sadat for his effforts for peace with Israel).

The removal of Muammar Gaddafi from Libya and Hosni Mubarak from Egypt created a vacuum in political and military power that was supposed to be filled by pro-western leaders, but was overwhelmed by radical Islamic extremists.

Before these events, Libya's Muammar Gaddafi had accepted responsibility for the passenger plane bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland. The process of settling with the victims' families was well under way and the president of this stable nation had relinquished his chemical weapon arsenal to the United States as a means to began the journey to better relations. Just as notable, Hosni Mubarak, former president of Egypt brought certain stability to that nation. The peace that existed between Egypt and Israel benefitted the world in innumerable terms. Tourism for two of the world's most remarkable cultures flourished, and people of various faiths (including Christianity) flourished under his rule. The same can be said, on the most part, for other Muslim nations where the president, king or dictator wielded a very strong hand of military or political might in order to maintain power.

In spite of what was seen by many extremely cruel men, we must always look at other parts of the world through the context of the culture they live in. As we can see, with the removal of Gaddafi and Mubarak how quickly all forms of law and order deteriorated and completely vanished, including the murders of Coptic Christians and the burning of the churches and the brutal assassination of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens, and the three other embassy employee. Today, the world is ablaze! Again, how did this start?

Within each of the nations undergoing the Arab Spring revolution today, there was always a group of iindividuals who worked within the lower classes of the cultures, pushing them to resist the authorities in power. Sound familiar? Beneath the movement lurking within its shadows were the actual radical militant Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood who are now beginning to surge to the front of the mobs and seizing control of the governments.

The initial unrest, known as the “Arab Spring” was highly touted and praised by our news media, political class and many others as a great and wonderful event. The joy of seeing democracy being birthed in a part of the world where the dictator ruled with an iron fist was overwhelmingly seen as being a significant credit to the Obama administration resume; unfortunately, democracies cannot ever be solely based upon majority rule—especially when the majority’s moral, cultural and spiritual makeup includes death and violence! The majority rule of in a nation bearing the wrong ideology has proven to be the most destructive force humanity could ever produce (i.e. NAZI Germany, the Soviet Union, Iraq and Saddam Hussein, Iran with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, etc.)!

The MENA Solidarity Network in the Islamic nations and regions mirror the same groups found in the western nations. Even a casual tour through the web sight illustrates how connected these protesters in even in the most repressive of governments are to the global unionization movement.

This is the playing out of the “Workers of the world, unite!” slogan— The political slogan that is one of the most famous rallying cries of communism, found in Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’ "The Communist Manifesto" having partnered with the restless Muslim youth. This can be seen as a major part of the revolutions throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa- the exploitation of the poor and the disenchanted! The urging of them to recognize their plights and rebel... destroy if necessary! Is this not the Saul Alinsky dtrategy? The protest organizers, as always, actually provoke the citizenry to protest, riot and overthrow!

However, in the Arab Spring case, the hopes of freedom and democracy soon gave way to the fundamental Islamist forces that had lain somewhat dormant beneath the surface of these cultures, avoiding direct confrontation with these same dictators.

So we must remember who has caused the Arab Spring. Evidence also points to an alliance between the unionists and the Islamists to rid the countries of the dictators and leaders who they blame as the cause for such social unrest.

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