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Are We Being Ruled By A Class of Elites?

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 As Democrats and Republicans play the "good cop, bad cop game," much of what we experience seems to be too much of the same. 

Source: Wikileaks images
Former U.S. presidents Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barak Obama represent over forty years of leadership within the United States. However, each one of them played a role in the vision of having a global system of governance.

How long will it be before our “governing class” becomes our “ruling class, or has it happened already?” At least there is one group of people who see it this way (and perhaps even more!) This is what former president George W. Bush stated during the fund-raising concert for victims of hurricane Harvey as he lamented that “Our governing class has often been paralyzed in the face of obvious and pressing needs.”

Governing class? What governing class? Perhaps this explains so much of what is happening in America today. Maybe there has been an aristocracy that has slowly but certainly evolved and is now entrenched in Washington, D.C. itself. This class of people now believes that this nation’s future course can no longer be entrusted in the hands of the common folk, especially with the election of such an outsider of the likes of Donald Trump. Remember in his January 29, 1991 State of the Union Address, then president George Herbert Walker Bush (41) spoke so proudly of us one day coming into an era of a “New World Order.” Each of the former presidents who stood on that stage that night have been definite contributors towards reaching that state of existence—some more than others, but steadily and consistently in that direction.

Besides bashing current U.S. President Donald Trump, the October 2017 gathering of former U.S. presidents showed more of their uniformity in the establishment of a one-world, global system of government that anything else. Call it what one may, the primary theme was to resist Americanism and embrace some form of love and unity that has nothing to do with God. Certainly, even through their combined voices, we can get a glimpse of the prophet Isaiah’s warnings of woe as the people of his time were so quick to call evil good and good evil.

A governing class would always be led to believe that it is their right to rule the people instead of represent them.

But whose fault is it? Who’s to blame? To be consistent with the principle that “a man’s first response to his sin is to blame,” Godly wisdom tells us therefore, to look no further than the very person we see in the mirror each day. It is our own apathy that allows the governing class to do practically everything it desires. We have sought to remedy the often frustrating arrogance of long-term politicians by setting term limits, but by the time they come to that political end, they become lobbyists or well-connected money-makers.

In fact the end of public service as politicians due to term limits has become a long-awaited goal because it does not conclude their interactions with governmental policies and legislative agendas, it becomes a launching pad! The Founding Fathers trusted in a vigilant and educated population of citizens who wielded the power of the ballot at each and every opportunity. In other words, the active and educated voter was supposed to have been the best form of term limits ever imagined!

Because we now live as though we were the Laodicean Church, the governing class as Bush 43 suggests, runs and rules according to those things that serve them and their class the best. From the world's economies to the very essence of who wields the power to rule men's lives, the governing class sees itself as being the holders of this right. On the other hand, as most true Christians in America believe, it is God our Creator who has this authority, but delegates it to governments. The church of Laodicea was described by Jesus as having been a body of believers that was neither cold nor hot-- a perfect description of many citizens who no longer care about what the politician might do, neither are they interested of the right to even vote. In Revelation 3:14-22, Jesus addresses this particular church in a way that seemingly applies to many churches today- his concern for lukewarmness.

Jesus described the church members as being so infatuated with their own material wealth and success, that they were spiritually impoverished and foolishly blind. In verse 17 Jesus charges, "You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked" (NIV). Like the Laodiceans, most of us as Christians have relinquished our duties to ensure that this nation is led and guided by true Christians, not one-world globalists who show themselves as Christians, but yearn for god-like power and wisdom. As Christians have steadfastly withdrawn, the void has been filled with darkness and ungodliness.

In our system of government, we have the responsibility of stewardship, especially in the area of making certain that those we choose of elect to run it are honest, God-fearing citizens who see themselves not as opportunists, but representatives of the people who elected them. From village to Washington, D.C., it is our duty to always check and verify that our governmental leaders are consistent servants, not a ruling class.

The conclusion is obvious: there is actually no significant difference between the two major political parties in America today, as it is illustrated by the lies and deceptions of those who even call themselves Christians! Whether Democrat or Republican, the lure of power over others has been difficult to relinquish once held. Therefore, unless we wake up pronounce our sins and turn back to God's leadership, we will surrender our children's future to a real and unmerciful ruling class of government elites.

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