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Congressional Black Caucus Following Their Master's Queue

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I am a proud participant in and supporter of the TEA Party movement. I am an American who happens to be black, and appreciates the freedom we often takes for granted. In fact, freedom for me has a deeper meaning as I pay tribute to my own ancestors who endured great adversity as we and America itself eventually overcame a dark and evil time in its history. Ultimately, the greatest sense of freedom any human could experience comes through the perfect work of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ! It is by this freedom attainable only through the rebirth experience made possible through Him that empowers me to speak in this manner concerning this issue. I stand firm and fast in the liberty transformed into reality through Him and him alone—not waiting for neither government, charismatic leader, legislative body nor any other power of this world to grant or give what God has already made possible!

For these reasons, I am appalled (but not surprised) that the Congressional Black Caucus could dare come forth with such vicious and slanderous vitriol against a group that I am convinced they know very little about. However, I know exactly why the CBC has launched its campaign of false accusations, and when I explain this to you, the pattern will be easily recognizable practically each time you see Reps. Maxine Waters,  Andre Carson or any other far left of this organization spew such inflammatory rhetoric.

First of all, it was primarily the white liberals who started attacking the TEA Party movement, especially after last year's November congressional elections that resulted in a lop-sided shift in the U.S. House of Representatives. The "TEA" in TEA Party an acronym for "Taxed Enough Already," and is based in opposing excess government spending and the increasing tax burden being placed on the backs of Americans to support government's ever-expanding reach into every aspect of our lives. Unfortunately, the accusations of the liberal left failed to convince enough Americans to side with them in the economic argument, so they turned to the forever loyal and faithful black leadership and gave them the queue to blow their one-note trumpet—racism! They have taken their cue not only from their white liberal comrades, but their ideological partners, which leads to the second point.

The next lesson on the CBC is to recognize that this group is predominantly Marxist-socialist in ideology. This means that they depend upon the power and force of government to accomplish their goals. When it comes to their rantings, the language centers around an "us vs. them" ideology— whether their adversary is white, conservative, rich, republican, Christian, taxpayer or any other group they may deem against them— the CBC launches wild and vicious accusations that are readily picked up by the main stream media. The idea that one group has the power to demand the property of another is strange and alien to our Judeo-Christian foundation, and a perversion of caring for our fellow citizens. For the CBC, communist dictators like Fidel Castro (Cuba), Hugo Chavez (Venezuela), Daniel Ortega (Nicaragua) and recently-deposed Islamic dictator Muammar Gaddafi (Libya) are folk heros. Because of the Congressional Black Caucus, the most of the black communities across the nation reflect socialist tendencies—even the churches! There is no other racial or ethnic group that depends so much upon government redistribution as the black community! This also spells why Reps. Waters, Carson and the rest of the CBC hate the TEA Party movement so much—they see it as a threat to their income redistributionist ideology.

Thirdly, the Congressional Black Caucus is speaking primarily to the black community with such intense rhetoric in order to maintain a cohesiveness of thought and obedience. This is a sterling example of the race-cult enforcement process being practiced. Revered by their constituents, the members of the Congressional Black Caucus are practically godlike. No one has the audacity to pose a challenging question or disagree with them. They continually tell their constituents that they are hated by much of white America, and that they themselves are the only ones seeking to take care of them! Black conservatives compare this type of relationship are merely a continuation of the plantation system of the Old South. While the members of the CBC go to Washington, D.C. and fatten themselves and their children, the congressional districts they represent lay in squalor and abject poverty. To keep their constituents distracted, they feed their fears and paranoia. Like any cult system, they continually present someone to hate, fear and blame.

In conclusion, it is obvious that the Congressional Black Caucus' attacks upon the TEA Party are childish and lack intellectual honesty. Their white liberal masters of the Democratic Party power structure are well aware of this, as does the main stream media. However, these false accusations are effective to the majority of their constituents because they trust them, and have failed to see through the chicanery. So let us pray that millions liviing under the cloak of deception is lifted by the simple truth, for we know that is only the truth that will make them free!

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