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Creating A Utopian World

Sat, Jul. 23, 2011 Posted: 02:59 PM

President Obama came into the Illinois state legislature as a member of a group of leftists called the "New Party." This is an off-shoot of the "New Left," which is a part of the Democratic Socialists of America organization, which is closely-tied to the Progressive Caucus in our U.S. Congress. The New Left believes that the current Democratic Party has taken the country as far as it could, and it is time for them to take it the rest of the way- utopia- a world without God that is governed by an eilte group of iltellectuals! If one would look at his administration and its current path of class warfare and race-baiting,  President Obama has shown every sign in fulfilling this agenda and more! Five primary areas were targeted:

(1) Gain control of the major corporations and private businesses and disperse them throughout the world, especially to the 3rd world. Encouraging or even forcing businesses to relocate in areas and regions where they would normally not invest is just as much a part of the utopianist aganda as any other scheme of global governance or Marxist strategy. The acquisition and control of General Motors is a perfect example of how government can influence and control of business. The National Labor Relations Board's attack against the Boeing Corporation for attempting to move some of its production facilities from a highly-unionized state to an non-union state sends a chilling threat to those who recognize that freedom is in jeapordy.

(2) Eliminate the military (including NASA) and create a world fighting force governed by the United Nations. Funding would be redirected to the social justice agenda. The Left sees the military as being a major reason the social welfare state cannot achieve its state of "fair and equal distribution" because of the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on it. To turn America's military and ultimate safety over to the United Nations would free those billions  for "redistributive justice" purposes. Even the recent shutdown of the space shuttle program and much of NASA's future is not a cost-saving measure, but an eventual redirection of financial resources towards the establishment of utopia.   

(3) Strengthen the federal and state regulatory agencies such as the EPA, FCC, etc., and regulations such as the Endangered Species Act in order to exercise greater control over private business and individual activities. These and other agencies are capable of enacting unbearable rules and regulations upon the American people without the input of Congress, the judiciary and in some cases, the executive branch. The snail-darter (Tennessee), Delta Smelt (California) and the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard (West Texas) are three examples of how the federal government can shut down industry for the sake of protecting certain species of animals and habitats. To add insult to injury, while placing a strangle hold on American oil drilling companies following the Deep Water Horizon oil well tragedy, the Obama administration has committed billions in loans to Petrobras- the deep sea well drilling company owned by Brazil- to drill and develop its own oil fields!

(4) Eliminate traditional gender roles in the families in order to promote same-sex marriages, families and all aspects of the homosexual agenda. Having directed Attorney General Eric Holder to no longer defend the Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA), President Obama and the left have made great headway in establishing homosexual marriage as an irreversible standard. the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" provision in the military has been all but gutted and is now in the process of being removed. With the Obama administration's support and blessing, public school systems are now in the process of instituting pro-homosexual curricula as a method of indoctrination. Ultimately, the New Left Utopian Society sees their new world creation as a global society that supports non-gender specific roles. 

(5) Eliminate or bring into conformity the evangelical Christian church with the purpose and philosophy of the current federal and state governmental systems. It is the Bible-believing evangelical Christians who are the current thorn in the side of America's marxist movement. They have never been so close. Having been raised in a culture with gurus such as communist Frank Marshall Davis and liberation thelogy preacher Jeremiah Wright, it is clear that Obama's view of Christianity is far from main stream and alien to traditional Biblical teachings. In fact, from the left's point of view, evangelical Christians are seen as the one final obstacle. Those who "cliing to their guns and their Bibles" are seen as uninformed and backwards-thinking when it comes to progressivism.

So by reconstructing these five primary areas of American culture and society, the Left believes that they can and will succeed. Let us renew our own vigilance and put aside our own distractions and stand for God's righteousness.

Dr. Melvin Johnson