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Evangelizing the (Code) Blue States

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The 2008 voting pattern county-by-county shows areas controlled by the Republican (red) and the Democratic (blue) Parties. The ten cities are plagued by a form of spiritual death and are in need of evangelism and revival.

Can the spiritual condition of a people reflect political ideology? If this
question bears even a single tinge of validity, then it would be worthy of at least some discussion, if not a brief course of study!

As far back as the national election cycle of 2000, we were introduced to what was seen to be the electoral map, which  indicated voting patterns across the United States. The most informative map  details these voting preferences by county, where the predominant political  party is represented either by the red (Republican Party) or the blue
(Democratic Party), and provides a most instructive pattern of voting behavior
as well as socio-economic outcome. But even more, a question is posed that may
strike at the very heart and root of America's dilemma: Does this also reflect
the spiritual condition of the electorate? In other words, is there a connection
between the spiritual influences within an area, region or territory and its
socio-economic condition? Furthermore, can these spiritual influences be
manifested or reflective of political affiliation? Beyond mere speculation,
demographics also tend to support what the voting patterns as the red and blue
mappings technique suggest, whether by community, city, county or even

As each county (or state) is carefully examined, one common factor produces a conclusion that can be easily derived: the blue representation consistently reflects long-term Democratic Party occupation and influence, resulting in morally reprehensible strongholds that are in need of desperate change in order to make the people's lives better! Facts are simply facts, no matter how one may attempt to slant or spin them! People who still  have a sense of human dignity eventually tire of pain and failure! In conjunction, the US Census Bureau in 2006 conducted the "American Community Survey" and reported that some American cities have been "chronically-impoverished." The chart below shows the 10 most poverty-stricken cities in the country during that period, with very little change today.

These strongholds of poverty also reflect spiritual deficiencies that normally come along with the economic depravity. In essence, the Democratic Party philosophy has rendered the human  experience basically helpless and dependent. The cities listed, as well as many  other cities where the Democratic Party machine controls the government  apparatus, have been been transformed into major centers of wealth  redistribution.

  • Deteriorated neighborhoods
  • Failed schools and high dropout rates
  • High crime rates including homicide
  • Dependency upon government programs
  • Continued social unrest and racial strife

There is a two-pronged dilemma in the counties that are code blue. One is the failed policies that come from bad political philosophy and the  other is the weakened state of the Christian community in terms of effectively  influencing those policies from the standpoint of sound Biblical principle. Albert Einstein is credited with giving the simplistic definition of the meaning of insanity:


The political machinery that controls  the schools, the city governments, the business communities, and the cultures in general must be held accountable for lording over poverty-stricken neighborhoods and communities. Too often, the citizenry is led to believe that their situations are hopeless and the political leaders are their protectors from a hostile world. Even as situations become desperately worse, they continue to cling to those who are usually the very ones who inflict the pain.

Because of the spiritual dilemma, these areas are "code blue," meaning that they are basically spiritually dead! In the  medical field, a patient who is code blue has practically ceased all bodily functions and is in need of resuscitation. This is evidenced by not only the problems listed, but also the high percentages of negative social and cultural indicators such as single-parent households, high illegitimate birth rates, unemployment and murders. All of these unfortunate occurrances happen within the shadows of the church, which in many cases have ceased to be the light of the community, and is in dire need of revival! So as many studies and polls indicate, where the Democratic Party is most resistant to the practice of Biblical principles, the citizens of each patch of blue must seek God in revival and take control of their own destinies- up to and including selectingBible-believing, God-fearing political leaders.

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