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On CNN's "The Situation Room" with host Wolf Blitzer, Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said that the reason most blacks have such a negative view of the Republican Party is because about two-thirds of them have been brainwashed.

I can attest that Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, who happens to be an African American, is absolutely right in his diagnosis that the vast majority of African Americans have been brainwashed into a blind following the Democratic Party. Known in the business world as the former CEO of Godfather's Pizza and other key positions in finance, Herman Cain is also an associate minister at the Antioch Baptist Church North in Atlanta, Georgia. In spite of his unpopular positions in the socio-political world, he has not been swayed in his faith nor his mission, obviously including the bringing of a new message to a battle-weary civil rights movement that was blinded and led by opportunistic leaders with the proverbial "carrot on the stick" strategy.

In his interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer on "The Situation Room" program, the host asked Mr. Cain, "... Why is the Republican Party... basically... poison for so many African Americans?" His courageous response was "Because many African Americans have been brainwashed into not being open-minded... not even considering a conservative point of view." He went on to say, "I have received some of that same vitriol simply because I am running for the Republican nomination as a conservative." He added, "So it's just brainwashing and people not being open-minded, pure and simple." In this response, Mr. Cain has clearly identified and defined they very core of what has plagued so much of Black America for the last fifty years! In fact, I will carry Mr. Cain's inflammatory remark even further: Because of this anti-conservative brainwashing, it is more acceptable in the black community—including many of our churches—to be a practicing homosexual than it is to be a black Republican!

Overcoming Racism Through the Gospel addresses practically every element of racism in America. It is written to conquer the powerful influences that prolong racial disunity once and for all.

In my book, Overcoming Racism Through the Gospel, I have a complete chapter that hones in on this very subject. It is titled, "Understanding the Race Cult Factor," and identifies closed-mindedness as well as three other factors besides Mr. Cain's charge of closed-mindedness. In his book Kingdom of the Cults, the late Dr. Walter Martin, who specialized in cult systems, identified for factors that are prevalent in cult psychology. My approach to understanding why many blacks think so uniformly when it comes to political affiliation is explained as being similar to cult thinking and outlook.

First of all, evidence of closed mindedness is quick to recognize because most blacks will cut a conversation off very quickly when you attempt to discuss conservative or Republican points of view. They refuse to open themselves to the thought of supporting or (God forbid) being associated with conservatism.

The second factor of the race-cult mindset is a degree of antagonism or animosity on a personal level. Many blacks have been convinced that they themselves have been or are being harmed by those evil conservatives. The black leadership, along with their white liberal supporters have been able to take advantage of the plight by even using an old southern plantation technique of creating "code words" that provoked individuals or even groups to respond. From the time of slavery and through the wane of overt segregation and racism, if the white leader made the expression, "He's gonna get what's coming to him," it was code for the black slave or even white sympathizer to be beaten or even lynched! These codes became forms of enforcement against blacks after the civil war and ushered in apartheid and Jim Crow laws and social behaviors. This closed-mindedness has been refined into conditioning blacks to respond negatively to certain words or even persons. Words such as conservative, Republican, tax cuts, Wall Street, right wing, pro-life and others are perceived as representations for racial strategies and policies, while names such as George Bush, Newt Gingrich, Ronald Reagan, Tom Delay, Rush Limbaugh and any main stream conservatives and organizations are viewed as personal enemies to their well-being. For this reason, all the liberals have to do is pin one of these labels on a person or group and many blacks will reject them without, as Mr. Cain alludes, the slightest concern for the truth! The closed mindedness thus is not only easily controlled, but manipulated just as well! Over the decades, blacks have been convinced that the Republican Party is out to turn back the hands of time and place them into slavery!

The third factor is a system of institutional dogmatism reinforced by a pronounced intolerance for any position other than the current "good black person" perspective. A good and acceptable African American has to be liberal and Marxist, as defined by much of the cultural mindset and illustrated by the political leaders. Black media, on the most part, helps to shape and form the "ideal black person" by showing what he or she should not be. For example, Mr. Cain also pointed out the vitriol he himself has had to face simply because he is conservative. Reps. Allen West and Tim Scott, as well as thousands of blacks across the nation had felt the sting of the tongue by being called Uncle Tom, Oreo, sellout and much more! Although blacks cringe at hearing such derogatory statements such as "all blacks think alike," the voting patterns reveal that when it comes to politics, there is very little diversity! The last three presidential elections show that blacks voted 90% for Bill Clinton, 88% for John Kerry and 95% for Barrack Obama! In each case, blacks who did not support either of these Democratic Party candidates were seen as cultural pariahs!

This dogmatism even extends into the youth. If a black kid seeks to speak proper English, study hard and earn good grades, associate with positive, well-behaved kids, it is quite common for other black kids who may not have those higher aspirations to label the child as "trying to be white." This and other forms of derogatory name-calling is part of a cult-enforcement mentality. When blacks step out of line, and fail to exhibit "good black" qualities, they are ostracized, bullied and degraded. On the September 29 segment of the O'Reilly Factor, guest Jehmu Greene, when asked by Bill O'Reilly about Mr. Cain's comments on blacks being brainwashed, he pointed out that she was portraying the very closed-mindedness and attitude Mr. Cain was talking about. She could not bring herself to effectively answering the host's simple questions. She finally resorted to calling names.

The fourth and final factor is isolationism. It is important for the Democratic Party, the black elites and the entire Marxist movement to keep blacks molded into a single monolithic voting bloc. For them, racism is a must—the one thing they cannot afford to get rid of or even minimize. For the power-hungry, it gives them sheep to rule over, for the narcissist, it provides people to worship him, for the opportunist, it provides stepping stones to fame and fortune. For the politician, it provides voters who will never cease to depend upon him. For these and other reasons, black people have been and will continue to be lied to, incited and traumatized by their so-called leaders. They must be kept in constant pain and turmoil in order to keep them unified and isolated from American dream. They have to be taught and reinforced in the notion that America is a white-racist culture, determined to keep them down! Fear must be stoked and kept alive so that the majority of blacks remain coalesced and congealed into an easily-manipulated mass of clay! Keep them separated and isolated. Place them into housing projects and failing schools. Remove their vouchers and keep them out of the better schools. Keep them angry, and when they get so angry and become violent, send them to prison. By the time the isolationist element works its way through the community, they are then exactly what the race-cult mentality produces—dependent voters!

So Mr. Herman Cain is exactly right and absolutely correct in his assessment and diagnosis of the brainwashing of black America. It has produced the most cost-effective system for control and manipulation ever! This is not to say that the Republican Party is the cure-all for the ailments within the African American population; however, but gaining the ability to objectively evaluate, assess and determine what best suits the individual and what is best for all people will bring great strides in the arena of critical thought. Albert Einstein is credited for providing a simplistic definition of insanity—doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results! This is certainly an attribute of being brainwashed because one simply cannot think outside of a pre-determined set of thoughts, ideas or slogans. I, having been at one time a victim of race-cult influences, am now a free man, and who the Son sets free is free indeed!

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