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These Korean and Vietnam War Memorials are located in Washington, D.C. and are dedicated to the valiant efforts and ultimate sacrifices Americans made for the sake of freedom, specifically in the stopping of the advancement of communism throughout Asia, Europe and the rest of the free world. Communism's infant stage- socialism -promises free services, provisions and equality to the masses as the population becomes increasingly dependent. Our soldiers fought it over in the foreign lands so that we would not have to face it here.

Warming Up to Socialism Makes Sacrifices Insignificant

President Obama's July 13, 2012 campaign speech in Roanoke, VA revealed his contempt for America's free enterprise system by proclaiming that it was NOT individual effort and freedom that brings success, but the hand of government.

The essence of the Cold War was the struggle of the freedom-loving peoples of the world against a state-run machine seeking to enslave them. At the close of World War II through the defeat and surrender of Germany, Japan and their allies, a new realignment of global culture, economy and philosophy began to take shape as an eastern hemisphere vs. western hemisphere division began to take shape. With Russia as the central driving force having freed itself of the shackles of a monarchy and feudal system, it took upon itself another form of oppression known as communism.

This system promised that all citizens would be equally provided for and fairness would be the key component throughout. It rejected the notion of God and the Bible, blaming the Creator for all that which was wrong with their world, but vowed to create a new world without Him. This ideology spread to the surrounding nations in Eastern Europe either voluntarily, or by force if necessary and a great world power emerged to be known as the Soviet Union. However, the one thing that the people of this system soon realized was that they had to relinquish the most precious possession ever given to humanity was freedom! Americans saw this growing, centralized form of government as a menace, and a threat to free people everywhere as nation after nation began to topple under the force of its ruthless military might! This Soviet aggression was described as having a “domino effect,” and for the next forty-six years (1945-1991), the Cold War was waged.

The United States of America contributed immensely towards this struggle in terms of resources and human life. Still fresh and appreciative of her own God-given rights and freedom, America became the primary nemesis against the Soviet bloc and the torch-bearer for freedom. We were in no shape, form or fashion going to rid the world of one evil called NAZI-ism and allow the rise and establishment of another- Marxism! America stood out as the leader of the free world, and a beacon of light for those the world over who were seeking refuge from the tyranny this militaristic machine foisted. In spite of a period of diplomatic negotiations and military standoffs, the Cold War manifested primarily in two distinct and specific events in history—the Korean War and the Vietnam War—with each event exacting a great price in the battle for freedom.

If President Obama's Marxist-Socialist Agenda Succeeds, We Should Apologize to Every Veteran for Giving Away Those Freedoms They Fought and Died For!

For example, the Korean War left America with approximately 36,516 soldiers dead, 92,134 wounded and 4,757 missing. The Vietnam War resulted in 58,209 soldiers dead, 153,303 wounded and 2,489 missing. These men and women fought, died and were maimed on foreign soil as soldiers of previous wars such as World Wars I and II to help other lovers of freedom and most importantly, to prevent Americans from having to fight such battles on our own native soil! Their mission was to stop the advancement of the communist aggression wherever it arose! As part of America’s appreciation and recognition for their sacrifices, two great memorials were constructed and are represented in various places around the world. The most common are the Korean and Vietnam War Memorials located in Washington, D.C.

Today, never in the history of this nation has the American citizen ever been faced with the most sinister and diabolical form of oppression masked in the form of a benevolent government promising to take care of every individual from cradle to grave. We have fought off attempts of invading armies and military forces. We have withstood clandestine attempts of sabotage and industrial espionage. America has even been able to recover from the horrible and demoralizing day of terrorist strike of September 11, 2001. We have, up to this point, been able to repel all enemies both foreign and domestic.

However, what is unfolding before our very eyes is a half-century warning from the Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev uttered these words, “We will bury you without firing a shot” and is beginning to take upon the unfortunate nature of a prophetic utterance! America's downfall is apparently not to come by invading armies we feared, not by misssles raining down from above, but possibly by the millions who seek to be taken care of by their government! They are willing to trade their freedom to prosper and be fruitful for the minimum in life's sustenance. Yes, it is apparent that far too many of American's citizens would rather trust in a political system that is destined to collapse than their own God-given gifts and talents. Our brave soldiers can fight any enemy that threatens to attack, invade or enslave us, but cannot defend us from our own selves.

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