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Mugabe, Odinga, Obama, Oh My!

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Is President Obama Willing to Divide America in Order to Maintain Power?

Is President Barack Hussein Obama's ever-flowing barrage of speeches bringing America to a point of critical mass? Too many indications suggest that by the time of the 2012 elections in November, a substantial amount of tension will even prevail at the most rural of polling places in America! With our most recent Occupy Wall Street incidents, we could be witnessing a foreshadowing of what may soon come to main street America. A very significant core of Obama supporters have already demonstrated a willingness to disrupt, invade, destroy and even brutalize those persons, places and things in order to get what they want!

Black conservative was brutally beaten by SEIU members who were also Obama health care supporters. After going to trial, they were acquitted in spite of the video evidence clearly showing the incident and the thuggery.

Rewind back to the healthcare debates and town hall meetings: As we learned of and eventually witnessed via the media the brutal beating of black conservative Kenneth Gladney by oversized Service Employees International Union (SEIU) members in early August of 2009, anyone with an observant eye and decent memory cannot help but to wonder if our political processes here in America are devolving into the equivalent of third-world violence and dictatorial machinations found prevalent in dictator-led countries—the banana republics.

What emerged was from the hotly-contested argument about national health care is now a type of virulent, organizational mindset resembling those of the nations of Zimbabwe and Kenya, where when strong evidence suggests the leftist movement never comes peaceably, but arrives with the threat of intimidation and outright violence. The same can be said of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Manuel Zelaya of Honduras and practically any other Marxist-led state. South Africa itself fell into a period between the waning years of the apartheid white government and the rise of Nelson Mandela where groups and gangs of thugs began to brutalize those who disagreed with them. Is the same coming to our own United States of America? Is president Barack Obama fanning the flames of radical change through any means necessary—including the specter the threat of violence? Let's look at a few examples.

Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe, the Marxist/Communist president who plunged the nation into complete financial depression, sought to apply "social and economic justice" with a heavy fist.

Zimbabwe (formerly known as Rhodesia) at one time was a very productive nation, but its own sin was in the fact that apartheid laws rendered its black citizenry second-class citizens. The racism fed the hatred and created an opportunity for the Marxist movement to obtain a very strong and deeply-rooted position amongst the oppressed black people. When the white minority government collapsed, Robert Mugabe rose to power, and has led the nation to total agricultural and economic disaster!

Similarly, when Ralia Odinga ran for president of Kenya in 2007 against Mwai Kibaki, proclaiming the message of "change you can believe in." However, Odinga lost by as many as 230,000 votes. He accused Kibaki of fraud, sparking a two-month period of death, violence and unrest throughout the nation, with his loyalists hacking, shooting and burning Kenyans who were not of his own Luo tribal heritage. Then United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan successfully brokered a power-sharing deal between Kibaki and Odinga, where Kibaki would be president and Odinga would serve as Prime Minister. Since then, Odinga, having signed an alliance treaty with the Muslim community, has instituted sharia law throughout the nation. The threat of mob violence has allowed Odinga to hold onto power he did not deserve.

In comparison, we now see similar indications within the character and personality of President Barack Obama. As a community organizer in Chicago, Illinois he helped to form and refine grass-roots organizations such as ACORN, SEIU and other Marxist groups that are now almost totally devoted to him. Many did not realize or even know that he was elected to the Illinois state senate as a member of a splinter-leftist group called the New Party, whose goal is to usher in global citizenry under the authority of a world-wide socialist government. 

Bold, brash and brazen, these groups now arrogantly spout their positions since the passing of the Health Care legislation. There has been no speech in which he could simply promote his agenda based upon its own merit—there must always be an attack on opposition, real or imagined. A good saying is that "truth stands alone, but a lie needs to be propped up."

Recognize that President Obama argues with a method called dialectic logic, perfected by Karl Marx and Joseph Stalin, and combines it with the fiery passion of a black preacher—something he learned to emulate as he sat and listened to the Reverend Jeremiah Wright for twenty years! A simple thing to understand is that dialectic logic is taking your argument and using it against you in a way which makes him appear to be the hero, and you the villain. A good debater must be able to address each attempt to distort with the truth!

President Obama and fellow Democrats have now thrown their support and encouragement to the Occupy Wallstreet movement not only in America, but around the world (source: Financial Times, New York).

Should we be concerned about a president who whips devoted followers into a frenzy? An eloquent speaker who laces his persuasive tone with insinuation about his detractors? Not even the Supreme Court is spared the attacks and insults as witnessed during his State of the Union Address at the beginning of this year, as Democrats in Congress surrounded them and cheered and jeered. Have they come to the point of insisting that the property of others is a right for them to exercise control through whatever means necessary? Will our future elections be tainted by thuggery and intimidation? Will there be an ultimatum be placed upon the American electorate that if Obama is not re-elected as president in 2012, there will be violence in the streets of America?

Is President Obama simply unwittingly using the voice of rhetoric to force his position with optimum efficiency, or is he purposefully preparing us for what has ensued time and time again in the third world? His increasingly-apparent drive to fundamentally change the United States of America was only a vague statement in the beginning, but now many who still love freedom can see that our President apparently wants to operate like his cousin Ralia Odinga, and the other third-world dictators, and is willing to stop at nothing to achieve it!

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